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Garth Brooks forgets guitar, borrows Jim Jacobsons
Jim Jacobson (L) holding his guitar that Garth Brooks (R) borrowed when the country music star sang to Karen Garrison.

    When Garth Brooks came to Darlington, Friday, May 8, Jim Jacobson was there with guitar in hand. Jim wanted to see if Garth would sign his pride and joy Martin guitar. Jim said, “I felt kind of silly carrying a guitar around the Garrison farm, like a kid taking his baseball glove to a Brewers game.”
    Then something happened that has had Jim on cloud nine ever since. The Good Morning America producer, in a panic, came wading through the crowd looking for the “guitar guy.” It seemed that Garth’s guitar was left back in Omaha and they had no guitar to play Garth’s new song “Mom” live on national television.
    The producer asked Jim if Garth could use his guitar and if it was in tune. Jim, of course, responded “it would be an honor” and yes it’s in tune. The rest is history - you can see Garth Brooks singing his song “Mom” to Karen Garrison on live television (and on video if you search) on Jim’s Martin, and then Garth personally signed the guitar.
    Jim is not sure what to do with his semi-famous guitar - play it or put it under plexiglass to preserve it. “It’s my main guitar and I play it all the time and I can’t afford a new one.” In the mean time it’s under lock and key. Jim’s only regret is not handing a CD of original songs he wrote to Garth (and he had the CD in his pocket).