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20 years of decorations illuminate Belmont
Belmont Lights 2
THE EXTRAVAGANT display of lights and holiday decorations at 215 W. Liberty St. in Belmont is a collection of approximately 20 years of holiday spirit given by Dick and Barb Hoeper.

BELMONT—Dick and Barb Hoeper have been adding to their light display for approximately 20 years. It has become a local attraction between Thanksgiving and New Years.
“I try to add something new every year, but it’s starting to get where I can’t get much more,” Dick said. “I try and get something different for people to look at. People really enjoy it. I tried to quit a few years ago, but people like it so much.”
Dick said he doesn’t have a favorite attraction. This year he made some silhouette cut-outs with the help of his grandkids. He said his two kids help him put up some of the display, which fills his front and back yards and covers his house and garage. It takes him approximately a week to get everything set up, “if I keep at it,” he said.
He said he doesn’t keep track of how much the lights affect his electric bill.
“It makes it go up, but I don’t know by how much offhand,” Dick said. “I just pay it.”
The lights are displayed at 215 W. Liberty St., Belmont, from 4:30 to 10 p.m. each night. Dick said he has them set on a timer. Not all of them come on at the same time, but he makes sure they’re off around 10 p.m. so the neighbors won’t complain. He said he hasn’t had anybody complain in the 20 years he’s been filling his yard with the illuminated decorations.
Dick said people from several other areas come to see what’s new every year. Two Saturdays in a row Santa was greeting people in the front lawn.
“The kids really enjoy that,” Dick said.
When asked how much he’s spent on the decorations over the years he said, “I don’t want to know.”
Dick said he does it for himself and for others to enjoy.
When he disassembles the display he stores it in his garage until next year.