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Cuban of the month-Marie Wiederholt
Marie Wiederholt 2 web

CUBA CITY—The Cuba City Area Rescue Squad is one way Marie Wiederholt is able to give back to the community she grew up in. She has been a volunteer for the organization for approximately six years and has served as both president and secretary during that time.

Wiederholt is a nurse at Grant Regional Health Center in Lancaster. She works in several departments, including emergency room, obstetrics and med-surg. She graduated from Cuba City High School and earned both bachelors and masters degrees in nursing at Clarke University.

“With my background in the medical field, this is just a way I can contribute in my hometown,” Wiederholt said. “It feels nice to help your next door neighbor.”

Wiederholt said she has lived in the area her entire life and the rescue squad always intrigued her.

“I wanted to give back to the community the gifts I was given,” Wiederholt said. “There is a need for it in our community. We are short on people. ”

The Cuba City Area Rescue Squad continues to look for more volunteers.

“The rescue squad is like a family,” Wiederholt said. “It’s my second family. They’re what keep me going.”

She said she likes to be able to help others in their time of need, although sometimes it can be difficult knowing the people she responds to assist.

“It can be hard when you know everybody in town, but on the flip side, they’re grateful that there is a familiar face helping them,” Wiederholt said.

Wiederholt also serves with the Cuba City Lioness Club on their projects and has been volunteering at St. Rose Catholic Church since she was young. She is especially involved in the annual Turkey Supper. 
Wiederholt said she sees growth in Cuba City’s future.

“I think they’re really trying to promote Cuba City and help it grow,” Wiederholt said. “It should lead to more people and more opportunities. And more people to volunteer.”

Editor's Note: This column will be a special addition to the Tri-County Press on a monthly basis. Look for each installment near the end of the month. All volunteers are recomended for the article by Mayor Tom Gile. If you have ideas for future volunteers in the community to be recognized, contact Gile at 608-744-3203.