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Karl Krogen receives 2015 Outstanding Citizen Award
Karl Krogen for web
THE OUTSTANDING CITIZEN AWARD for 2015 was presented to Karl Krogen at the Boscobel Chamber of Commerces Annual Banquet Saturday night at the Castle Rock Inn. He is pictured with his wife Marianne, left, and fellow members of the Wisconsin River Trail board: Angie OBrien, Jo Sommers and Tonia Vial.

Editor’s note: The Boscobel Chamber of Commerce presented the 2015 Outstanding Citizen Award during its annual banquet Saturday night at the Castle Rock Inn. Following is the introductory speech that preceded its presentation.

The Outstanding Citizen Award is sponsored by the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce and established in the memory of Chuck Yahn, a Boscobel businessman, church, school, and community booster. 

This community has many devoted people who give endless hours in community service year after year.  It is an honor to receive this nomination.  Once a name is received, the nominee will remain eligible for the next three years.

Each year, Boscobel area residents submit nominations for this award.  We are honored to have so many people dedicated to our community.  We acknowledge their devotion, service, and support to the Boscobel area and its people.    At this time, we would like to recognize and say ‘thank you’ to this year’s new nominees: Sharon Halverson  and  Hans Steele.

This year’s award recipient is a father, husband, businessman, and community activist.  He started working in his family’s business, Gambles, at the age of 14.  He graduated from Boscobel High School in 1975, attended college in Kenosha, and worked in Madison for four years at Schappe Pontiac. 

After getting married in 1983, he decided to come back home to Boscobel to help his father in the family business.  By the way, his father, Kempert, is also a recipient of the “Outstanding Citizen” Award!   He has been Assistant Manager and is now Vice-President and General Manager of the store, known as Krogen’s Do It Best Store and Rental.  It is important to him to keep the family business active and in the downtown area.  As a businessman, he goes above and beyond the duty no matter the time of day or night, including helping residents out after hours, like if an appliance goes out and they need an immediate replacement.   A prime example of this is when Boscobel experienced the terrible flooding in 2013, he made sure that he was available for those residents who were in serious need of pumps, etc., even though he had flooding in his own home.

As a businessman and citizen, he has been a member and held the office of President of the Chamber of Commerce, including serving on the “Citizen of the Year Award” committee and being a presenter.

Realizing how important it is to keep a health care facility in Boscobel, he serves on the Boscobel Area Hospital and Clinic Foundation as a Board Member and is their current Vice-President.  His involvement in the community also includes serving as a member of the Boscobel Planning Commission. 

Recently, he participated in a meeting on the Blaine Theatre, as it is very important to him to keep the theatre open and running as an important entertainment venue in the community.  He backs that up by solely patronizing the theatre and not going out of the community to see a movie.
He also is extremely concerned about the education and school in our community.  As a parent, he took an active role in his son’s education.  In addition, he serves on the Boscobel Education Foundation’s Board of Directors where he is currently the Vice-President.  It is hoped that, with the support of the community and alumni, the Foundation will be able to give scholarships to all BHS graduates planning to further their education.

He was a charter member of the Boscobel Jaycee Chapter, chartered in the 1980s.  As a member he was instrumental in creating the Jaycees Haunted House, involved in the planning and implementation of the Downtown Tractor Pulls and worked at the food stands and many other community events that they sponsored.  In addition to being a member, he held the office of President.  He also was a founding member of the Boscobel Lions Club.

He has been involved in several other community organizations that have benefitted the community.  As a member and officer of the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited, he has been instrumental in the planning of the DU Banquet. 

As a volunteer of Boscobel’s Muskets and Memories event, he helped erect the snow fence around the grounds and helped build the scaffolding for the sound system.  He also had participated in the event itself by dressing up for the Civil War Ball in past years.

He has volunteered his time delivering dinners for the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes fundraiser for the last eight years.  He looks forward to delivering dinners to those residents who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the delicious food. 

He is active with the Wisconsin River Trails Organization, where he has been involved in the planning of their banquet and raffle sales the last two years.  He even helped his wife cut a load of wood for their auction, after she volunteered the wood.

As you can see, he is very interested in the community of Boscobel.  He is genuinely concerned about the future of the community and its small businesses, school district, and hospital.  He would definitely like to see Boscobel move forward and be everyone’s “Wisconsin Outdoor Recreation Destination.”

When he can, he enjoys spending time on his hunting property, placing deer cams, and mowing trails.  He also enjoys riding his motorcycle and hopes to take a longer trip in that in the not-too-distant future.   He and his wife Marianne have a son (Kyle), who is pursuing his dream in Los Angeles.

On behalf of the Boscobel area community and the Boscobel Chamber of Commerce, it is our privilege to present the 2015 Outstanding Citizen Award to . . . . . . Karl Krogen.