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Shullsburg resident wins $50,000 lottery
Sue Wiegel with her Big Check

SHULLSBURG – On their way down to the casino in Tama, Iowa, Sue Wiegel, her husband, Pete, and her aunt, stopped at a gas station for some fuel in Waterloo. That is where Wiegel purchased a “Cash Connect” lottery ticket where she won $50,000.
They always stop at that same station when heading to the casino to get a lottery ticket. Wiegel’s aunt is the one that frequently buys lottery tickets
“She usually just buys one ticket. If it’s a $1 ticket she might buy two or three but this time she decided to buy two,” Wiegel stated.
By the time Wiegel got to the counter, her aunt had already started scratching her tickets. Wiegel thought she should get one so she told the clerk to give her one of the same lottery tickets her aunt had just purchased.
They got in the car and Wiegel started scratching her ticket.
“The first time I realized what it was, I had to have my aunt verify it. So we stopped at the next gas station to run it through.”
Wiegel said the young girl behind the counter couldn’t believe what she saw.
“She said ‘you won $15, no $50, no…’ and her mouth dropped. She couldn’t have gotten her mouth any wider.”
She said it was exciting for people down there. On their way back from the casino, two days later, they stopped at the same station where she had purchased the ticket and the clerk recognized her as the winner.
Wiegel had struck some luck as she thought about not even going on the trip.
“I had been sick a few days before that and had thought about not going but I stuck it out and went.”
She stated that her grandchildren were making lists of what they would do with all that money.
“I had always wanted to have enough to take the whole family to Disney World. But I could use new windows in the house or a new vehicle.”
It just goes to show, you can’t win the lottery if you don’t play.