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Wisconsin River Trail announces fundraiser for engineering costs
Wisconsin River Trail Logo 2

The Wisconsin River Trail Organization (WRTO) is embarking on a fundraising campaign to help pay for engineering costs for Phase 2 of the project from Boscobel west to the Cozy Acres Mobile Home Park.

“Now that construction has begun on Phase 1, I know that in a matter of a couple of months, many of us will be using this section of our trail.  It’s exciting times for all of us,” Trail Co-director Denise Fisher wrote in a letter to potential donors. “But now comes the more difficult times for our trail plans because in order to stay ahead of construction, we need to engineer our trails quickly, while continuing to pay for our $60,000 commitment for Phase 1.  The Dept. of Transportation grant we’re trying to attain doesn’t allow construction until 2019, which slows us down.  In order to move quickly once 2019 hits, we need to continue to have our ducks in a row and roll out with construction as fast as possible, with phase 2B ready to go in 2020. Due to this, we are going to need funds in the bank to use for engineering costs.”

Fisher says that most non-profit organizations are comprised of about 70 percent private donations, however, WRTO has received less than 1 percent of its funds through private donations. The majority of funds have come from the city of Boscobel and a $200,000 DNR Knowles Stewardship grant.

“I’m asking each household to kindly donate $10/month directly out of your paycheck,” Fisher wrote. “We can help you set this up with your employer, so it can be direct deposited.   If that would happen, we could raise approximately $15,000 per month or $180,000 per year.  Think of how fast we could make this trail a reality if everyone gave a little?”

The WRTO has set up a bank automatic account withdrawal program in that, you sign up to have your donation taken directly out of your account every month.  For signing up and committing to one year of monthly donations, you will receive a free WRTO t-shirt.

“We are also in the process of creating a trailhead and/or an amazing flag monument in the Boscobel area.  Once you have reached donating $250, you will receive a brick or tile that will be placed at this site, with your personal engraving on it.  As you continue donating, with each phase being added to the trail, you will have a new brick/tile placed for every $250.  If you donate a total of $1000, you will receive a large brick that you can have engraved and placed at the site.”

For more information, call Fisher at (507) 269-2606, or e-mail