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Trumm wins seat on Boscobel Council in April 2 election

Voters in southwestern Wisconsin braved a late-winter snowstorm to ensure their opinions were tallied in an April election that included, in Boscobel, an open seat on the city council.

Cody A. Trumm bested Ramona Kord in the race to fill the first ward seat vacated by long-standing alder and former board chair Barb Bell, who announced her retirement earlier this year. Trumm earned 76 votes to Kord’s 48, for 61 percent of the vote cast.

Trumm, 29, is a Boscobel native who serves as Grant County’s Deputy Sheriff who pledged to “balance using modern technologies to improve infrastructure and promote economic development while protecting our historical past.”

Roger T. Brown easily fended off a challenge from Lyle Vesperman for his seat in the fourth ward. His 68 votes amounted to 81 percent support against Vesperman, a former alder and frequent candidate.

Jessie Esser ran unopposed in the third ward in her first election since being appointed by Mayor Brenda Kalish, who also ran unopposed. Stephanie Brown, in the second ward, also ran unposed. All three won their seats.

Also unopposed and reelected were both Boscobel school board candidates, Kaye Woodke and Casey Updike.

Up-ballot races mirror state results

Both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have already secured the nomination of their respective parties, though their names, and those of their opponents, still appeared on the primary ballots.

In addition, two constitutional referendums backed by state Republicans appeared on the ballot. One would restrict outside money from being spent on elections; the other mandated that elections be run only by those “designated by law.”

In all cases, unofficial voting results in Boscobel closely mirrored those reported at the state level as of election night.

Joe Biden took 88 percent of the democratic primary voters, and Donald Trump took 80 percent of republicans. Of all primary voters in Boscobel, 51.5 voted in the democratic column, and 48.5 in the republican. Voters in Wisconsin may choose their party preference in the ballot box.

Referendum One, restricting outside money, passed 190 to 167. Referendum Two, restricting those who may oversee elections, passed 200 to 158.

All results cited are unofficial results reported by polling officials at the end of the night. Official, certified results may be viewed at the Grant County website, when available.