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Hello Hillsboro: New receptionist wows customers
Bailey the spaniel is the Hillsboro Sentry Enterprises new part-time employee. - photo by Contributed

We have a brand new part-time employee at the Sentry Enterprise and most customers seem to enjoy meeting her.

Bailey is a very friendly Spaniel who is being trained by Mary Sterba as her assistant Circulation Manager and receptionist while her companion, Stanley Thomas, is tuckpointing the Sentry Enterprise building.

So far, it has worked out very well, although between customers, Bailey has acquired the habit of napping under the reception desk while on company time!

More often than not, though, she wakes up in time to walk around the counter, under the swinging door, to receive some friendly attention from a business visitor.

A nice ear scratching beats the heck out of a nap any day of the week!

Meanwhile, Stanley is making the building look a whole lot newer, and has caused many compliments from Hillsboro folks who appreciate improvements that give our town a nicer appearance for visitors, or possibly new residents.

Stanley is from McGregor, Iowa, and stays in the camper in our parking lot while working a job on the road. It has all the comforts of home, including Bailey as a sleeping partner. “She jumps right up into the bed at night,” Stanley laughed.

Makes me think that Bailey is probably quite tired from all those trips around the reception desk in her capacity as official customer greeter.

Earlier, Stanley had done a nice job just down the street from us for Kathy Lambries at the Boutique. Good, available tuckpointers are hard to find, so if you happen to be looking for one, stop in at the Sentry and say hello.

Remember, though, first you have to be officially greeted by Bailey!


I love this great thought that was passed on to us recently:

The federal government which has Tomahawk cruise missiles; Apache, Blackhawk, Kiowa, and Lakota helicopters; and used the code name “Geronimo” in the sneak attack that killed Osama bin Laden, officially objects to the name Washington “Redskins.”



We have been informed that the comedy remarks on aging attributed to the late George Carlin in a recent column were not, in fact, his material.

The item had been sent by an old friend who must have misidentified its origin. We apologize for the inaccurate information.