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Hello Hillsboro: Peanut butter aids dogs best friend
peter pan honey crunchy peanut butter
Peter Pan Honey Roast Crunchy is the peanut butter Associate Editor Jack Knowles dog, Socks, prefers. - photo by

In a totally unexpected experiment Monday, I discovered that our little dog adamantly prefers honey peanut butter over the regular old fashioned type we all grew up with and enjoyed.

She is currently taking two small capsules of important medicine a day. Being anything but a cooperative patient, Socks has been receiving it inside various attempts to trick her, such as a small slice of hot dog, a chunk of beef from her canned food, etc.

In those couple of days she has taught me an entirely new meaning for anger!

Then, we hit upon peanut butter, but she is much too much a lady to just swallow a finger full of peanut butter that is probably hiding something …at the very least poison!

So, I now prepare tiny peanut butter sandwiches twice a day at noon and midnight!

However, the “perfect patient” has been turning her nose up at Jif plain peanut butter, causing me to have some really awful thoughts …like jamming it down her throat after getting her in a headlock!

After more swearing than I’ve done in a year, I actually wondered if it was possible that she preferred honey peanut butter. In this case, Peter Pan Honey Roast Crunchy.

She inhaled that brand in a sandwich like she hadn’t eaten in a week.

We’re thinking of offering her services to Peter Pan for a TV commercial. However, being the princess she is, I’m afraid she would get an agent and hold out for a much bigger sandwich than she’s supposed to have.


This dog medicine ordeal has also opened a new chapter on craziness in our household. Several weeks ago my doctor prescribed a medicine for a weakness developing in my legs.

It is called Gabapentin and appears to be working.

However, there is an amazing catch to the story. It is exactly the same capsule, with the same name and same dosage as the one that I am currently torturing the dog with twice a day!

Is this an amazing coincidence or has Socks pulled off a truly stupendous last laugh?

I’m thinking of asking Jane if I have been doing some barking lately, but I’m afraid she would just answer, “Not any more than usual!”

So, I’ve decided to look at the bright side of all this nonsense. Maybe it will, at least, grow some more hair on my head!


Congratulations to Max Stockwell, the Tiger basketball star who is both big in height and big in points.

The exciting scoring machine is only a Junior and has already joined a limited and talented group of Hillsboro High School basketball legends who scored 1,000 points in their Tiger careers.