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Hello Hillsboro: Rides rule at 62nd Firemens carnival
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There was little doubt as to the favorite attraction at the 62nd Annual Firemen’s Labor Day Celebration Fundraiser. It’s called rides, rides, rides.

Even the sweltering weather over the holiday weekend couldn’t diminish the excitement of everyone, but especially young children and teenagers, as the new Crescent City Amusements Company proved, without doubt, to be everything they had promised.

The colorful, crowded, and very clean, new midway was packed with ride fans throughout most of the four-day event, and with good reason. There were non-stop screams of excitement, especially near that huge round-and-round roller coaster that added to the thrills with occasional stops that left riders hanging virtually upside down, and looking at parents below who were holding their breaths.

It was difficult to decipher whether the kids or their parents were more stunned. Frankly, being one myself, I’d vote for the parents, but I sure don’t recall ever seeing one of my kids riding on anything like that.

On a little less thrilling note, many parents enjoyed “escorting” their kids through the creative Fun House that proved to be far more of a family affair, and created more smiles than the screams that resounded from the high rides.

Another thrilling experience that was enjoyed by many folks was the all-new helicopter rides that continued throughout the fair, including some evening rides that allowed for a sweeping view of Hillsboro bathed in night lights.

We know that it proved very popular because even after we went home it was heard often flying over our house a few blocks from the park. We were happy that sound was always coming from the fair helicopter and not Med Flight.

Another nice touch when walking down the midway, was the irresistible aroma floating out of the Firemen’s Kitchen where the final touches were being added to the chicken dinners, long a favorite treat at the Firemen’s Labor Day celebration.

We know some folks who attend the fair every year mainly to sink their choppers into that delicious chicken treat. And, those people always arrive a little early, just to be sure that the firemen chefs aren’t already sold out.

Maybe next year, the Firemen could sell chicken dinner wristbands that would allow seconds, and perhaps thirds, for those world-class hungry eaters.

Don’t tell the chefs I suggested that!

We can all feel proud and grateful to thank each and every one of them.