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Hello Hillsboro: Santa moving his Hillsboro office
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Santa and Mrs. Claus haven’t changed a bit in the last few centuries, but on occasion they do change their lodgings when visiting Hillsboro.

Over the last 25 years, we’ve taken their picture visiting with very small fans in the Firemen’s Community Center, the Dime Store, the tiny but “special” North Pole office on Water Avenue, and even the steps in front of the Royal Bank.

This year, they are setting up shop at the St. Joseph’s Outreach Center next to City Hall or, to some folks, the Masonic Lodge. He’ll be there chatting with his biggest fans on Saturday, Dec. 13 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Another change in Santa’s routine is the chance to actually have lunch either before or after having a holly, jolly visit with the Man of the Hour.

Whoever thought of the lunch idea deserves an extra toy this Christmas!

The visit is sponsored this year by H.O.P.E. and the Hillsboro Lions Club, with lunch proceeds donated to area folks battling cancer.

So, you can bring your kids to ask Santa for something special this Christmas, while also giving to needy patients that also are dreaming of some special hope.

We’ll see you there!          


Many in town are currently flying their hearts at half staff over the passing of Jeanne Mlsna, including the current and former folks at the Sentry-Enterprise.

She worked with us for several years and never showed up at the office without wearing her enchanting smile and carrying an idea for a story or photo in the paper.

She was constantly keeping the office “looking nice” and I can remember more than once she took it upon herself to hang up some nice curtains in place of some old ones that had too long of a memory in that office.

And, when holidays arrived, you could always expect the decorations to be “updated” with her own, special artistic touch.

Until she became ill, her constant sharing of any joy that was available lifted the spirits of the employees, including me on a regular basis. The place just seemed a little brighter on the days that she worked there!

I first saw her early in our Hillsboro years  when someone at the elementary school called the office to inform us that a mom was giving pony rides in the front  driveway to celebrate her son Peter’s birthday.

I rushed up there and took some photos. It was, needless to say, not the kind of birthday celebration I was used to in Chicago.

The photo ran in that week’s issue and to this day I recall spelling the family name Milsna.  Little did I know how often that name, with the correct spelling, would be in type in the years to come.

When Peter grew up, of course, there were many photos of him on a wrestling mat, rather than a pony, but I never forgot that first one with Jeanne, especially when she worked with us.

He also joined our staff eventually and became a very good sports writer.

Speaking of writing, the obituary in today’s paper is the most moving tribute to a loved one I have ever read. I have no idea who wrote it, but in my mind it perfectly captured the soul of Jeanne and I’m sure anyone who knew her would agree.

In addition to her loving family, she will be missed by many who also share  valued memories.