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Hello Hillsboro: School Board fails unwelcome visitor
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It’s not very often when something comes up at a meeting that absolutely terrifies some members of the Hillsboro School Board, but it happened Aug. 17 in the middle of their agenda.

Things were going along fine with hardly a disagreement  to be discussed when suddenly, without notice, a very confused but nasty bat flew into the room and headed for the Board as if it was a newly elected member.

This reporter spotted three immediate reactions by members...fear, heroism, and laughter.

Not surprisingly, a number of ladies fled through the nearest door, that leads to the library, while High School Principal Greg Zimmerman and School Board Member Mike Jirschele took exception to the intrusion and grabbed weapons to do battle with the enemy!

That was exceptionally courageous because the “weapons” turned out to be old signs.

The remainder of the Board and the legitimate visitors then sat back to enjoy the jousting match and make a few bets between them.

I seem to recall more laughing then screaming, although I did think about what a shame it was that Don Hammer and his television camera missed the best meeting of the year!

After the visitor showed much of its athleticism, Zimmerman and Jirschele finally got it cornered near the room’s entrance. I was hoping it would find its way out to the hallway so the entire school could enjoy the game on Tuesday.

I’m not going to report who delivered the final blow, but if I was a bat I would do anything to avoid being sent to the principal’s office!


As I write this, the Chicago Cubs are 11 games above .500 and coming into Milwaukee for a three-game series that hopefully will derail them.

I spent more years than I care to admit, cheering, dreaming, and practically praying for a Cubs World Series appearance.

Without being too specific, the last time that happened, most folks had never even heard of a television set.

It’s taken me 25 years to lose that loyalty and, now that I have become a Brewers fan, the Wrigley Wonders are actually raising hopes again!

I have only two words for the Cubbies.

Go, Brewers!


Here’s a couple of quick thoughts that can move your brain up a few notches with very little effort.

The sole purpose of a child’s middle name is so he can tell when he’s really in trouble!

Did you ever notice that when you put two thoughts, “the” and “IRS” together, they spell “Theirs?”