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Hello Hillsboro: School meeting a taxing chore
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If there is one assignment every year that makes me reassess and appreciate those involved in a continuing task, it’s the annual School District meeting.

If you’re one of those people whose minds are totally stimulated by numbers, you would love it. However, if you’re like me, who never met a number he liked, get out your calculator and prepare for an evening of nightmares featuring percentage signs dancing with dollar signs!

And, hopefully, that dream scenario doesn’t take over your mind while the meeting is still in session!

Fortunately, School Superintendent Curt Bisarek and his excellent staff are sharp enough to notice that some folks are not always on a first name basis with many people who regularly deal with levies and audits, and, apparently, are right at home wearing revenue caps! They keep me well supplied with data.

Monday night’s meeting went off without a hitch, and I guess those few who didn’t understand portions of it are good enough actors to fool the rest. But you could have come late and had no trouble finding a seat. It was far from a sell-out.

However, I guess it’s just not for everybody, and that may explain why most of those meetings are not very well attended. They generally don’t run over an hour, and I have yet to actually see someone doze off. In fact, it included some nice humor and plenty of information for those seeking it, like Mike Burch and myself.

When it comes to attending School Board meetings, the most sensible thing I ever heard about the topic was told to me by a Board member in my distant past: “If you want to draw a crowd, you have to fire a coach!”


Have you stopped by the Ben Franklin store lately?

You may not recognize it when you do.

There have been a number of changes, including much improved lighting and an updated atmosphere. Not to mention all new, updated lines of merchandise.

One section along a wall has been divided into a number of display areas that have been rented by local artisans. They feature a wide selection of arts and crafts, including beautiful, homemade comforters and other knitting items.

I also noticed some small furniture pieces and antiques.

In addition, a very little man who was wearing curled shoes, of all things, whispered to me that he’s heard Santa Claus may be moving his throne back to the store to visit with local children this Christmas season.

Don’t ask me who the elf was, because I don’t think he even left his name!


A personal thank you and farewell goes out to Pastor Russell Wooten, who is finishing his position as Interim Pastor at First Congregational Church this Sunday.

Pastor Wooten arrived to fill the pulpit eight months ago when the church was badly in need of some solid, experienced leadership after the retirement of Pastor Don Ehler.

He and his wife, Margaret, quickly became one of the congregation, and he took a role in every aspect of the church, including illness visitations, weddings and funerals, friendly home visits, counseling, inspiring sermons, charitable ideas, and even working in the kitchen during special banquets.

We wish Pastor Wooten the very best in his future endeavors and envy any church that he serves in the future.