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Hello Hillsboro: $till time to fill empty stockings
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After an exciting and delightful early visit to our area. Santa and his top traveling elves are now somewhere between Hillsboro and the North Pole, where they will rest and build up some more energy for their return trip in just one week.

Santa can never quite decide whether his visit with the kids or his exciting return engagement on Christmas Eve is more fun. My bet, however, is that he likes the return better because I’ve heard he loves to play with all those toys in the sleigh before they are delivered!

Santa’s Workshop Central, by the way, called long distance to the Sentry Enterprise office this week and asked us to thank all those generous folks who contributed gifts to the Empty Stocking project.

A special elf, with the assistance of some Lions Club members, has picked them all up now to sort them out and deliver them to all the good little Hillsboro boys and girls.

However, there is still time to make a financial contribution so the elves can obtain some extra gifts to add to that giant bag that Santa carries around, with their assistance, of course. But, it sure helps to have the extra means to supplement the initial gifts as Christmas approaches.

If you would like to offer some last minute financial support to fill all those empty stockings, please send a contribution to Empty Stocking Fund, P.O. Box 13, Hillsboro, WI 54634.

Or, you can also drop off a monetary donation to the veteran Santa’s helper who sits behind the front counter at the Sentry Enterprise office on Water Ave. downtown.

I assure you, those gifts are just as important as the ones made at the North Pole!           


Our sincere condolences are offered to the Miller family on the loss of their beloved patriarch, Bud Miller.

I’m proud and grateful to have been a “grandson-in-law” of Bud’s for many years, and enjoyed every one of them. In fact, my entire family always looked forward  to one of those legendary Miller family parties, just because it meant some truly memorable chats with Bud and the love of his life, Marie.

I still like repeating many of his stories on farming, hunting, caring for kitties, and just plain enjoying life. All those stories will always have a place in my memory, as he will in my heart.

Thanks for just being you, Bud!