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Hello Hillsboro: Well earned thanks to Sgt. Pat Clark
patrick clark sgt
Sgt. Pat Clark of the Hillsboro Police Department received a commendation for helping save a man's life June 8. - photo by Hillsboro Sentry Enterprise archives

Ever wonder what our police officers do besides writing tickets?

That’s easy …it’s saving lives! And, keep in mind, sometimes they do that just by suggesting that you slow down a bit, or save the texting until you get home.

Hillsboro Sgt. Pat Clark was the recipient of a commendation from Police Chief Tom Richardson at the City Council meeting Monday night that made everyone present feel proud …including his best friend, Teagan, who was right across the hallway trying to listen through the Police Department office door.

Clark had the once in a lifetime opportunity for a police officer to perform his highest calling, saving a life, and that’s just what he did.

Richardson read the commendation to the Council members and visitors:

“This Commendation is for Sgt. Pat Clark of the Hillsboro Police Department, whose action of June 8, 2015, helped in saving a person’s life.

“Sgt. Clark was called to help Hillsboro EMS and Hillsboro Fire with a male who was struck in the head while working on getting dried concrete out of the barrel of a cement truck.

“Sgt. Clark made contact with the injured male from a catwalk where you could see the male with his feet sticking out from the barrel. Sgt. Clark tried to tell the injured male to stay where he was but the man was backing out of the barrel. Sgt. Clark was able to catch him from falling 20 feet to the ground.

“Once the injured male was caught by Sgt. Clark, he became unconscious and Sgt Clark was losing his grip on the injured male, but was able to make a spot on the small catwalk where he was able to get him to a fireman and then down to the ground to the EMTs.

“A very bad situation worked out well that day, with the quick thinking and actions by Sgt. Clark and the Fire and EMS squads that were there.

“The injured male thanked Sgt. Clark for saving his life. The City Council, along with the Mayor and Chief of Police,  would like to thank Sgt. Clark for his actions on that day.”

Richardson can add the signatures of every Hillsboro citizen to that statement, because every one of us faces the possibility of needing the help of police, EMS, or Fire Department at any moment.

We can all feel proud and grateful to thank each and every one of them.