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Hello Hillsboro: What? Christmas is already over!
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It’s hard to believe that, after the many weeks of  preparation, waiting and excitement, Christmas 2014 is already history.

My wife and I have always liked driving around the area and enjoying the many innovative Christmas greetings on brightly lit and decorated homes.

Every year it’s the same thing. The decorations go up in direct proportion to the weather, and the timing all depends on that all important couple, Mother Nature and Jack Frost!

This year, we were a little disappointed due to the early chill that caused a number of folks to wait for a break in the cold weather to transform their homes into giant Christmas cards.

As always, though, it was worth the wait as the home stretch toward Christmas Eve saw more and more houses lighted up with colorful, cheery greetings.

The downtown lamp post decorations also are a nice addition every year, and they always seem to be the first ones up, perhaps serving as a reminder and an incentive to our home decorators.

As usual, Greg Kubarski and Community Antenna did the decorating honors. That’s been happening so long, it makes folks wonder if that particular chore is listed on the official mayoral job description!

The other thing that marks the start of the Christmas season to many folks is the return appearance of Hillsboro’s wonderful Christmas Star across the lake. After a major problem last year, the Lions Club, aided by some electrical wizards, managed to restore Hillsboro’s iconic symbol of the true meaning of Christmas.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who were involved in the rescue!

Here’s hoping that your Christmas was merry and your New Year will be happy.


One nice thing about an active town like Hillsboro is that there is always some  worthwhile event on the horizon.

We’ve already been informed that former Tiger basketball legends will once again be doing battle at the HHS gym in the 22nd annual Alumni Basketball Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 31.

The popular tourney is sponsored by the Boys’ Basketball Club that has been helping to support the youth program financially for 30 years.

You will be hearing plenty more about the popular and fun-filled battle of former teammates in the weeks ahead. But be sure to reserve Jan. 31, if you enjoy cheering for “veteran” Tigers competing for bragging rights, liniment rights, and a successful future for much younger players.


I, for one, am delighted to see former Badger quarterback and offensive coordinator Paul Chryst leave his head coaching post at Pittsburgh University to replace Gary Anderson, the two-year non-wonder who left the Badgers' top position for a stint in Utah!

Think what you want, it says here that he left the Badgers for only one reason. He just couldn’t hold his head up on campus after that 59-0 drubbing to Ohio State.

Did you know that Chryst put in a coaching stint at Platteville, where he became a close friend of another coach there …current Badger men’s basketball coach Bo Ryan?

Different sports, but similar winners!