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Thoughts on the American way
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With the Fourth of July approaching, now is a better time than ever to reflect on our nation’s independence, the true meaning of being an American, and the unfinished work of, in the words of our founding fathers, “forming a more perfect union”.

In order to continue that unfinished work, we must set aside the partisanship and hyper polarization that have divided our nation for far too long. We must begin coming together again. Not as Democrats and Republicans, or liberals and conservatives, but as Americans. It is absolutely essential for us to once again work together to find the common ground in order to tackle the critical issues facing all Americans.

Our nation was founded on bipartisanship, with the Great Compromise giving birth to our system of government that has lasted over 200 years. As the Wisconsin delegation’s most bipartisan member, according to the Lugar Institute’s Bipartisanship Index, I am working hard to encourage my colleagues to come together and work to find solutions to the pressing issues facing our country. Throughout our collective history, the spirit of patriotism and bipartisanship has allowed us to pass landmark pieces of legislation improving the lives of countless Americans. We must now revitalize that spirit.

I will continue to work diligently to foster the spirit of bipartisanship we need to move our nation forward.

Happy Independence Day!

Kind (D-WI) has represented the Third Congressional District since 1997.