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GAME OF THE WEEK (Track & Field): 53rd Annual Platteville Relays
Platteville sweeps Hillmen Relays for 5th straight year
track bell
Plattevilles Harmony Bell (right) and Cassville/Potosis Anna Kruser race around the final turn in the girls distance medley relay at Thursdays Platteville Relays.

GAME OF THE WEEK (April 18–24)

TRACK AND FIELD: 53rd Annual Platteville Relays

PLATTEVILLE — The 53rd annual Platteville Relays was not a night of records, but a night of grit, determination and mental toughness. 

Extremely windy conditions presented a difficult challenge to all track athletes in addition to the strong competition.  

Both Hillmen teams successfully battled to defend their home track and retain their team championship trophies for the fifth year in a row.   

The boys team tallied 87.5 team points, topping runner-up Lena–Winslow (72) by 15.5 points in the 11-team meet, while the Platteville girls (92) outscored runner-up Lancaster (72.5) by 19.5 in their nine-team field.

The Cassville/Potosi boys finished 10th with 25 points, while the Cassville/Potosi girls finished fifth with 48 points.

The Belmont boys finished 11th with one point, while the Belmont girls placed ninth with 18 points.

“It’s always nice to win your own invitational in front of your home crowd,” said Platteville head coach Rob Serres. “Our athletes try to build a culture of winning, and I think we all give a little extra when you are at home.

“The forecast earlier in the week was for thunderstorms, cold and wind. So when it was just a bit cold and windy, everyone simply felt it was a great day for a track meet.  The colder temps did affect the times and distances a bit, but, we are for the most part simply happy to be able to get the meet in.”

The Platteville Relays is one of the longest running true relay track meets in the state of Wisconsin.  

Each event is either a four-member run relay or a two-member combined field event relay.  The most unique events are the two member shuttle hurdle, the 2x100-meter relay with competitors running in opposite directions on the tracks front stretch and the quadrathalon. 

The quadrathletes compete in four events (100-meter low hurdles, long jump, 800 and shot put) and are scored based on a scoring chart that awards points for the quality of the effort.  

This meet also offers competition to varsity athletes in rarely run relay events as well as an opportunity for junior varsity competitors to gain valuable invitational experience.

The Platteville girls had gold medal performances posted by Harmony Bell, Brittani Meis, Renee Momot and Sierra Wunderlin in the 4x800 relay (10:50.64), Meis (13:17.97) and Wunderlin (12:52.58) in the 2x3,200 run relay, and Izzy Carroll and Alania Digman in the shot put relay (34’10”, 32’6”) and again in the discus relay (103’8”, 111’8”).  

Silver Medal efforts by Georgi LeGrand, Emily Fields, Sara Langmeier and Bell in the distance medley (4:48.48), Kiersten Freed, Anya Donner, Langmeier and Becca Hoyer in the sprint medley (2:00.22), Talitha Goomey (7’6”) and Renee Momot (7’0”) in the pole vault relay, and Langmeier (4’4”) and Fields (4’8”) in the high jump relay. 

Bringing home Bronze medals were Langmeier, Mia Bernhardt, Bell and Anya Donner in the 4x400 relay (4:38.35) as well as Bernhardt (28’1”) and Hoyer (32’5”) in the triple jump relay.

Gold medal winners for the Hillmen boys included Alex Sonsalla, Calvin Wernimont, Lucas Johnson and Jace Serres in the 4x800 relay (10:47.24), Mic Frommelt and Gabe Tashner in the 2x110-meter high hurdle shuttle relay (35.36), and Chris Gillen (11’0”) and Calvin Wernimont (12’0”) in the pole vault relay.  

Garnishing silver medals were Sam Kroncke (11:16.14) and John Wells (11:07.51) in the 2x3,200 run relay; the 4x400 relay (3:42.04) of Jonny Rule, Sonsalla, Wernimont and Serres as well as Austin Jentz (157’4”) and Devin Digman (103’0”) in the discus relay.  

Platteville bronze medalists were Carter Chitwood, Ethan Imobersteg, Austin Wein and Serres in the distance medley (3:54.19), and Jentz (48’10.5”) and Digman (31’8”) in the shot put relay.


The Cassville/Potosi girls’ 2x100 shuttle hurdle relay team of Ashley Williams and Maggie Schmitz earned a silver medal with a time of 37.83.

The Comets also earned three bronze medals in the 800 sprint medley relay (Anna Kartman, Ashley Williams, Kasha Vogt, Anna Kruser, 2:05.17), the distance medley (Williams, Kartman, Lydia Reynolds, Kruser, 4:50.76) and the triple jump relay (Reynolds 31’0”, Kartman 30’4”).

In the boys’ competition, Dylan Duvall and Tyler Thingvold finished second in the 2x110 shuttle hurdle relay (36.09). Thingvold, Evan Bloyer, Ty Bausch and Colin Esser finished third in the 4x100 relay (46.80). 


The Belmont girls earned a pair of fourth-place finishes from Sasha Wrege and Elise deHaan in the shot put relay (29’3.5”, 29’1”) and the discus relay (83’1, 82’3”).

The Belmont quartet of Seth Peters, Connor Varvil, Christian Fure and Brady Johnston scored the Braves’ only point with an eighth-place finish in the boys’ 800 sprint medley relay.


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53rd Annual Platteville Relays

(from Thursday, April 18 @ Platteville)


Team scores 1.Platteville 87.5, 2.Lena–Winslow 72, 3.Galena 65, 4.River Valley 53.5, 5.Lancaster 47, 6.River Ridge 34.5, 7.Cuba City 34, 8.Benton/Scales Mound/Shullsburg 32.5, 9.Darlington 29, 10.Cassville/Potosi 25, 11.Belmont 1.

Platteville varsity top finishers (top 8)

2x3,200 relay — 2.Platteville (John Wells 11:07.51, Sam Kronick 11:12.88). 4x100 relay — 4.Platteville (Eli Cline, Ethan Immobersteg, Carter Chitwood, Max Allion) 48.25. 4x400 relay — 2.Platteville (Jonny Rule, Alex Sonsalla, Calvin Wernimont, Jace Serres) 3:42.04. 4x800 relay — 1.Platteville (Serres, Wernimont, Sonsalla, Lucas Johnson) 8:47.24. 800 sprint medley relay — 4.Platteville (Immobersteg, Allion, Cline, Rule) 1:45.31. Distance medley relay — 3.Platteville (Chitwood, Immobersteg, Austin Wein, Serres) 3:54.19. 2x110 shuttle hurdle relay — 1.Platteville (Mic Frommelt, Gabe Tashner) 35.36. High jump relay — 3(tie).Platteville (Eli Cline 5’2”, Austin Jentz J5’0”). Pole vault — 1.Platteville (Wernimont 12’0”, Chris Gillen 11’0”). Long jump relay — 5.Platteville (Terrell Halverson 17’6”, Noah Rhoden 17’3”). Triple jump relay — 7.Platteville (Chase Caroll 36’2”, Chitwood 32’7”). Shot put relay — 3.Platteville (Jentz 48’10.5”, Devin Digman 31’8”). Discus relay — 2.Platteville (Jentz 157’4”, 14.Digman 103’0”). 2x100 relay — 7.Platteville (Chitwood, Allion) 24.96.

Belmont’s top finishers (top 8)

800 sprint medley relay — 8.Belmont (Seth Peters, Conner Varvil, Christian Fure, Brady Johnston) 1:52.83.

Cassville/Potosi’s top finishers (top 8)

2x3,200 relay — 7.Cassville/Potosi (Nelson Bauer 11:30.75, Connor Mckillip 12:49.19). 4x100 relay — 3.Cassville/Potosi (Tyler Thingvold, Evan Bloyer, Ty Bausch, Colin Esser) 46.80. Distance medley relay — 5.Cassville/Potosi (Esser, Bausch, Bloyer, Bauer) 4:01.82. 2x120 hurdle relay — 2.Cassville/Potosi (Dylan Duvall, Thingvold) 36.09. Triple jump relay — 8.Cassville/Potosi (Bausch 36’8”, Nick Edge 30’1”). Discus relay — 5.Cassville/Potosi (Esser 126’1”, Andrew Mckillip 94’10”).


Team scores 1.Platteville 92, 2.Lancaster 72.5, 3.Cuba City 71, 4.Darlington 51, 5.Cassville/Potosi 48, 6.River Ridge 46.5, 7.Benton/Scales Mound/Shullsburg 33, 8.River Valley 29.5, 9.Belmont 18.5.

Platteville varsity top finishers (top 3)

4x400 relay — 3.Platteville (Sara Langmeier, Becca Hoyer, Anya Donner, Harmony Bell) 4:38.35. 4x800 relay — 1.Platteville (Bell, Renee Momot, Brittani Meis, Sierra Wunderlin) 10:40.64. 800 sprint medley relay — 2.Platteville (Kiersten Freed, Donner, Rachel Burkard, Hoyer) 2:00.22. Distance medley relay — 2.Platteville (Georgiana LeGrand, Emily Fields, S. Langmeier, Bell) 4:48.48. 2x100 hurdle relay — 5.Platteville (Abigail Goomey, Talitha Goomey) 41.79. High jump relay — 2.Platteville (Fields J4’8”, S. Langmeier J4’4”). Pole vault relay — 2(tie).Platteville (T. Goomey 7’6”, Momot 7’0”). Long jump relay — 5.Platteville (Mia Bernhardt 13’6”, Donner 13’2”). Triple jump relay — 2(tie).Platteville (Hoyer 32’5”, Bernhardt 28’1”). Shot put relay — 1.Platteville (Izzy Carroll 34’10”, Alayna Digman 32’6”). Discus relay — 1.Platteville (Digman 111’8”, Carroll 103’1”). 4x100 throwers relay — 1.Platteville (MJ Stephens, Digman, Carroll, Jayla Miesen) 1:03.93. 2x100 hurdle relay — 6.Platteville (Freed, Lauren Becker) 28.79.

Belmont’s top finishers (top 8)

4x100 hurdle relay — 6.Belmont (Lizzy Haag, Abby Reuter, Elsie deHaan, Sasha Wrege) 41.79. High jump relay ­— 5(tie).Belmont (Reuter J4’4”, Haag 4’2”). Shot put relay — 4.Belmont (Wrege 29’3.5”, deHaan 29’1”. Discus relay — 4.Belmont (Wrege 83’1”, deHaan 82’3”). 2x100 relay — 7.Belmont (Lori Moctezuma-Zaya, Haag) 29.85.

Cassville/Potosi’s top finishers (top 8)

4x100 relay — 5.Cassville/Potosi (Anna Kartman, Kasha Vogt, Brittany Horner, Lydia Reynolds) 55.92. 4x800 relay — 8.Cassville/Potosi (Kyran Brinkman, Sydney Fecht, Breanna Donaldson, Lucia Zarza) 13:14.57. 800 sprint medley relay — 3.Cassville/Potosi (Kartman, Ashley Williams, Vogt, Anna Kruser) 2:05.17. Distance medley relay — 3.Cassville/Potosi (Williams, Kartman, Reynolds, Kruser) 4:50.76. 2x100 hurdle relay — 2.Cassville/Potosi (A. Williams, Maggie Schmitz) 37.83. Long jump relay — 8.Cassville/Potosi (Ally Ihm 11’9”, Justice Udelhofen 9’3.5”). Triple jump relay — 3.Cassville/Potosi (Reynolds 31’0”, Kartman 30’4”). Shot put relay — 6.Cassville/Potosi (Caitlin Thingvold 26’0.5”, Brooklyn Friederick 24’10”). Discus relay — 7.Cassville/Potosi (Friederick 67’4”, Thingvold 59’9”).