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Thomas sets new Powerlifting record for Riverdale
Tiara Thomas DM
Tiara Thomas set a new meet record with her deadlift of 425 lbs at Holmen. Tiara placed first in her weight class with a total of 1045 lbs. - photo by Davina Meckley

MUSCODA - On Saturday, January 30, the Riverdale Powerlifters traveled to Holmen High School for the Holmen Regional Powerlifting Tournament.

Junior Varsity

Leah Underwood earned 2nd place. Leah went 8-9 with a personal record 215 squat and 250 deadlift. Darien Martin finished the day with a 3rd place medal. She was successful in eight attempts and finished with four personal records including a 420-pound total. Alexus Kuehni took home 4th place along with a personal record 210 deadlift.

Morgan Paul Krause took 6th place with a personal record 425 total. Trevor Hudson placed 4th with a personal record total of 495 pounds. Ryder Cannon scored personal records in the squat (260) and deadlift (300) that helped him earn 2nd place. Alex Wirtz took 5th place. Alex also scored personal records with a 225 squat and 235 deadlift.


Hannah Hanson had another strong meet with two personal records in the deadlift (270) and total (580). Hannah placed 6th in her weight class.

“Hannah has a great work ethic and keeps improving in the squat and deadlift,” said Coach Jeff Johnson. “However, she is working with a nagging shoulder injury. Once she can overcome that obstacle, she is sure to hit a 600 pound total.”

Courtney Unzicker continues to improve each week. Courtney went 8-9 with three personal records including a 405 total. Scout Savage had a strong tournament with an awesome 275 squat and 350 deadlift. His total of 805 pounds was good enough for 8th place.

Record Were Meant To Be Broken

Tiara Thomas took 1st place as she also continues to post high marks. Going into this tournament, Tiara had a number of personal goals, two of which involved breaking the meet records in the bench press and deadlift. After finishing with a season high 430 squat, Tiara would attempt a 205-pound bench press, but was not successful as the weight just proved too much.

“We knew that it might be a stretch, but it was still worth the attempt,” said Coach Johnson. “I have no doubts that she hit that mark before the end of the season.”

Entering the deadlift, Tiara had some stiff competition from the Independence high school lifter, Sophie Woychik. With the meet record of 415 pounds on the line (previously set by Riverdale grad Casey Bradley), Tiara would tie that mark on her second attempt. However, Woychik also had her eye on that record. The Independence lifter jumped to 420 and was successful, giving her the new meet record.

“A tie would certainly give Tiara the win, but that was not the goal here,” said the coach. “Sophie hit that mark first, therefore she owned the record. The only choice we had was to go to 425, more than she had ever attempted.”

On Tiara’s third and final deadlift, she nailed the lift and laid claim to the new record, along with an awesome 1045-pound total.

“Overall, the team showed tremendous improvement,” said Coach Johnson. “Though we struggled in the bench press, we were very strong in the other events. February will prove to be a great month of training.”

The final regional competition of the season is on Saturday, February 20 at Necedah High School.

Until then, go heavy or go home!