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Robert Stietzs motion for release denied
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Robert Stietz had filed a motion for his release on bail, pending appeal, but the motion was denied by the Wisconsin Court of Appeals recently.
    Stietz argued that the court did not properly exercise its discretion because it considered only one factor, that being the nature of Stietz’s conduct for which he was convicted.
    The Wisconsin Court of Appeals stated that they disagreed with Stietz’s description of the court’s decision.
    “The court did not say it was considering only one factor, it stated that it was looking ‘at one thing as being most important,’” said the press release from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.
    The Wisconsin Court of Appeals concluded that the circuit court did not err by emphasizing its belief that the crime shows Stietz is inherently dangerous and that release should be denied for the protection of the public.
    Stietz is currently serving a year in prison after he was convicted on one count of resisting or obstructing an officer and one count of intentionally pointing a firearm at a law enforcement officer, during a jury trial from March 10-14 in Lafayette County Circuit Court. He will also have three years of extended supervision upon his release.
    The charges Stietz was convicted of as well as four additional charges stem from an incident that occurred in November of 2012, when Stietz got into an armed standoff with two Department of Natural Resources wardens.