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B&G Committee approves $800,000 DHS roof bid
Darlington Schools
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The Darlington School Board of Education Building & Grounds Committee meeting came to order Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m. The primary purpose of the meeting was to make a decision on roof bids for the Darlington High School (DHS) and plan for the future.
    The roof bids are part of a two phase energy efficiency project that will be completed by the Fall of 2018. The first phase includes: DHS roof replacement with an insulated roof and the remodeling of the welding technology classroom, art and agricultural classrooms, this includes incoming and exhaust air handling systems. The second phase will include: HVAC remodeling of the DHS; HVAC upgrades for Darlington Elementary-Middle School (DEMS); lighting and ceiling remodeling at the DHS; lighting replacement at DEMS; upgrade electrical service and other possible energy and security related projects.
    Both phases for these energy efficiency projects will be paid for by the school district under ACT 32. ACT 32 is a resolution that allows the district to increase the revenue limit otherwise applicable to the Darlington Community School District (DCSD). Wellnitz stated – It will exceed the revenue limit. Our School Board does not intend to increase taxes with the current projects under ACT 32. The current debt will be dropping off in 2018.
    A walkthrough for potential construction firms for phase two has already begun. District Administrator Denise Wellnitz said, “I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of interest. We’ve had several people, with three companies represented here today.” They were shown the potential projects in the buildings and shared ideas. Additional walkthroughs are scheduled for next week. The proposals (bids) for phase two of the project are out and are due Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017. The bids will be chosen at a future Building & Grounds Committee meeting.
    Five contractors submitted bids to the school and after discussion and several questions the committee decided on and approved Tilsen Roofing Company of Madison for $744,200, with an additional $37,300 for possible reconstruction items on the roof, for a total of $781,500. This price includes a 20 year/90 m.p.h. warrant. The project will be budgeted for $800,000. The Tilsen company did the roof on the Darlington Middle – Elementary School (DEMS) in 2011, all the warranty claims that came up at DEMS, the company fixed the problems and the school never received a bill. Tilsen also said they would hire laborers locally. The project will start in the back of the building in May 2017 and then after graduation they will move to the front. It depends on weather, but the company hopes to be done by September 2017. The winning bid will go to a full school board meeting for final approval.
    The other bids received, came from Custofoam Corporation, Mauston - $876,740; Giese Roofing, Dubuque, Iowa - $995,900; McDermott and Son Roofing, Atlantic, Iowa - $819,200; Sterling Commercial Roofing, Sterling, Ill. - $1,038,200.
    Under Facility Audit Report - Lee Black, Head of Maintenance, conducted a mock OSHA visit of both schools with the schools Health & Safety Consultant. This walkthrough simulated an inspector being in the building, pointing out several minor things that would be issues. Lee said, “We went through everything thoroughly. The good news is the issues we found were very minor and they can be addressed. We wanted to be prepared for the next OSHA visit.”
    The committee approved a Bobcat trade with K&L Bobcat of Darlington for $1,950. This needs to go to a full school board for final approval.
    The committee also approved purchasing a used van and approved selling the green van. The purchase is budgeted for. This needs to go to a full school board for final approval.
    Wellnitz shared a list of completed and current projects including: Gym Floor - $98,000; Server room cooling system - $10,000; Field lights - $160,000; DHS roof - $800,000; Baseball field - $200,000; Library upgrade - $100,000 - $150,000; HVAC for DHS - $100,000 (new estimate $3,200,000); Fiber run from DEMS to DHS - $12,000; Security system - $47,000.
    A wish list of future projects was presented. Black talked about some of the needs of the district. Wellnitz stated, “By no means are these finalized. We just wanted to provide information. These items are in preliminary proposal at this time.”  The list included: District: Rugs - $3,000; Asphalt for DHS parking lot - $3,385/$19,785; Floor scrubber replacement - $3,000; Flooring DEMS rooms 417 & 201 & DHS LMC - $20,000 (estimate); Vehicle replacement - $25,000; Lift replacement - $9,000; Door marker at each building – FAB Lab; Furniture replacement - $6,000; Epoxy for bathrooms – no estimate; Eye wash stations (OSHA issue) - $1,000.
    DEMS Projects: 5 to 8 locker repairs – no estimate; Additional locker in 5th – 6th wing (more student then available lockers) – no estimate; Recore and replace door handles - $21,000; Basketball hoops & pole replacement - $4,200; and something about a Missile.
    DHS Projects: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for the air handler in the auditorium – no estimate; Tuck pointing – no estimate; Pads for gymnasium - $6,200; Water heaters replaced - $20,000; Classroom door replacement (5 per year) - $4,000; New roof on drama shed - $3,000; Boys locker room shower remodel – no estimate; VFD on circulating pumps – no estimate; Water softener replacement - $6,000.