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Riverdale Educational Foundation back in action
In Muscoda
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MUSCODA - After being sidelined for a year by the Coronavirus-19 virus the Riverdale Education Foundation is back in full action providing financial boosts to specific programs in the school district. 

At an awards ceremony held in the REMS building Wednesday, May 26, Foundation president Greg Kinney announced, “This year we will be giving back $11,964 with 19 different awards. Our total awards for 11 years total $86,444.”

A goal of the foundation has been to provide financial support to specific classroom programs and needs that might not otherwise be possible through the overall district budget.

Teachers submit ideas and applications to Foundation officers, who in addition to Kinney, include Amy Davis, Ken Delkamp, Shelly Miess, Ron Havlik, Jamie Hinkle, Mary Stanek, Terry Yanske, Lisa Farness and Charlie Johnson, with District Administrator Jon Schmitt providing assistance and guidance throughout this past difficult year. The various awards are aimed at providing aid to specific classrooms.

The virus pandemic resulted in the cancelation of two bowling fundraisers, the winter carnival and food stands held in conjunction with school events. However, Kinney noted “that people have been very good about donating what they could, even during the pandemic year.” This the second year for handing out a $1,500 “Super Award.” The Foundation Golf Tournament fund-raiser is scheduled to be held August 7th, 2021.

Following are the successful 2021 awards.

“Super Award” – Cindy Marsh – 4th grade teachers are looking to provide a chrome book cabinet in each classroom to allow the students to store and recharge chrome books at the end of the day.

         “Super Award” –Jessica Hudson and third grade teachers are hoping to place “Markerboard” Horseshoe Tables in each classroom to replace worn out equipment with units that will last many years.

Kyle Gundlach– “Scholastic News” for all third grade students. The magazines help teach science and social studies and vocabulary enrichment with information about what is happening around the world.

Lynn Tarrell – Grades K-3. A set of 10 “Word Study Kits” to help with small group word instruction. The kits can be used in the classroom or sent home with students if necessary. Included are several great materials for early grade levels.

Anya Drone – “Primary Colors – Not a Box” for the 4-K classroom. It’s a hide away cube that will also provide students with a safe location to calm their emotions when stressed. She will also add to her block collection.

Dawn Jewell – Lab equipment for grades 7-12 science and chemistry students, including a “Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Digital PH Tester and Soil Test Kits,” that allow for testing Nitrogen, Potassium and Phos Levels plus a “Science World” subscription.

Valerie Keegan – all second grade classrooms - “Scholastic News” and “Scholastic Science Spin” to help with current events and themes such as Earth Day, holidays and endangered animals. A digital side helps with science, math, engineering, and technology - a great resource for all students.

Juliette Schneider – A new larger Mailbox Cubicle for kindergarten students. It will allow her students, who love to draw, keep their creation materials in an organized place.

Dennis Mahlkuch – 7 – 12 grade art materials for his many grade levels. His number of students is rising at all grade levels and COVID has made some items extremely difficult to get.

         Chelsi Clark – 7-12 grade special ed classes – Dream Ice Maker Machine. Chelsi runs a in-school store in her classroom with students making many different types of beverages, food items and dessert items that are for sale to students and staff. The class helps students learn how to handle money, deal with customers and helps self-esteem.

Stephanie Worthington – fifth– sixth technology students. Purchase STEAM materials (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) Lego kits. Students will learn to follow an app to solve problems, trouble shoot and work with a partner. Kits will help construct vehicles, robot, cat and a guitar.

Katie Campbell – kindergarten, purchase “Vooks App” to allow students to listen to hundreds of different kinds of books and stories, plus many other items, including a Build-a-Word Magnet Board and Crossword Puzzles Activity Center.

Jeff Johnson – Health & Wellness Active Classroom – purchase stand-up desks to replace worn-out ones. Also wiggle bands that are attached to desks to help restless students. Currently more than 100 students are using such equipment, helping them with focus, attention and reponsiveness.

Heather Horton – 1st grade morning tubs and storage solutions. Plans to purchase 10 different tubs for students to use in early morning. They will be filled with blocks, books, games, coloring books, Legos and other materials to help students get their day started.

Kelly Schaefer – Math Coach, 4-K - 12th grade math exploration materials to add to the supply in the elementary room as well create a room for 7-12 grades