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School report cards: Platteville scores third in Southwest Wisconsin
Belmont Elementary, Potosi Middle, Belmont High improve scores
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The state Department of Public Instruction released the state’s 2012–13 school district and individual school report cards last week.

In the first school district report cards, Platteville was the third highest rated in the area and second highest in the Southwest Wisconsin Conference, with a grade of 77.7, fitting in the Exceeds Expectations category, given to school districts and schools that score 73 to 82.9.

The area’s other three school districts fit in the Meets Expectations category, given to school districts and schools that score 63 to 72.9 — Iowa–Grant got a 72.2 score, Belmont got a 71.2 score, and Potosi got a 67.2 score.

The second annual school report cards showed increases by the area’s lower-rated schools, and decreases by three Platteville schools.

Platteville Middle School, the fourth highest rated school in Southwest Wisconsin, slipped slightly from a 79.4 last year to a 79 this year. Platteville High School dropped from 82.6 last year to 75.6 this year. Westview Elementary School dropped from 77.8 last year to 74.8 this year. All three remained in the Exceeds Expectations category.

Belmont Elementary School improved from 71.5 to 73.4. Potosi Middle School improved from 69.4 to 72.6. Belmont High School improved from 63.3 to 69.4. Potosi Elementary School improved from 68 to 68.4, and Iowa–Grant High School improved from 67.1 to 68.1.

Iowa–Grant Elementary/Middle School slipped from 72.6 to 72.3. Potosi High School dropped from 75 to 69.8.

The school district and school report cards grade schools on student achievement in reading and math; improvement in student achievement; improvement in student achievement in children and among minority and low-income children; and whether children are on track to go on to post-high school education and the workforce.

“These preliminary district and school report cards provide valuable information about education in Wisconsin,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers. “They offer a starting point for schools and districts to plan improvements. Additionally, report cards show how Wisconsin can continue to refine its accountability system to truly serve the education community, parents, policymakers, and the public.”

In all four categories, the Platteville school district did better as a school district than the state average. Westview and Platteville High School did worse than the state average on the third category, called “Closing Gaps” on the school report card, although Platteville High School scored 14.2 percentage points better than the state average on student achievement, and Westview scored 18 points better than the state average on the second category, called “Student Growth” on the school report card.

Platteville school superintendent Connie Valenza called the “Closing Gaps” scores “an area for us to focus on,” and added, “I fully believe as a school district we are fully capable of getting in the Significantly Exceeds Expectations category with some work.”

None of the Platteville schools received deductions in the student engagement category, which includes absenteeism and dropout rates and participation in college aptitude tests.

The school report card did not grade Neal Wilkins Elementary School in Platteville because “there wasn’t enough data because the school was too small,” according to a DPI news release. High schools were not graded in Student Growth.

Platteville High: 81.2
Platteville Middle: 80.4
Westview, Platteville: 74.5
Potosi Elementary: 68.8
Belmont Elementary: 68.2
Iowa–Grant Elementary: 68.1
State average: 66.1
Potosi Middle: 65.1
Potosi High: 64.6
Iowa–Grant High: 61.8
Belmont High: 60.8

Westview, Platteville: 83.7
Platteville Middle: 71.3
Belmont Elementary: 68.1
Iowa–Grant Elementary: 67.3
Potosi Middle: 65.5
State average: 60.6
Potosi Elementary: 58.7
Belmont High: 55.2

Belmont High: 71.2
Platteville Middle: 70.9
Belmont Elementary: 67.2
State average: 66.8
Potosi Middle: 65.9
Iowa–Grant Elementary: 63.9
Platteville High: 62.2
Potosi Elementary: 54
Westview, Platteville: 51.8
Iowa–Grant High, Potosi High: NA

Potosi Middle: 93.7
Platteville Middle: 93.5
Potosi Elementary: 91.9
Belmont Elementary: 90
Westview, Platteville: 89.2
Belmont High: 89.2
Iowa–Grant Elementary: 88.9
Platteville High: 87.1
Iowa–Grant High: 86.8
Potosi High: 85.2
State average: 84.9

School district grades
83–100 “Significantly Exceeds Expectations”
79–82.9 “Exceeds Expectations”
63–72.9 “Meets Expectations”
53–62.9 “Meets Few Expectations”
0–52.9 “Fails to Meet Expectations”

River Valley: 78
Platteville: 77.7
Prairie du Chien: 75.6
Dodgeville: 74.5
Richland: 70.1
Lancaster: 68.4

Darlington: 77.6
Boscobel: 74.8
Fennimore: 73.8
Cuba City: 73.5
Iowa–Grant: 72.2
Mineral Point : 69.7
Southwestern: 68.6
Riverdale: 63.6

Highland: 81
Benton: 74.6
Albany: 74.1
Argyle: 73.8
Pecatonica: 73
River Ridge: 72.7
Black Hawk: 72.6
Belmont: 71.2
Shullsburg: 70.7
Barneveld: 70.5
Cassville: 69.8
Monticello: 67.7
Potosi: 67.2

State district average: 71.2
State district median: 70.95

High school grades

Prairie du Chien High: 78.3
River Valley High: 77.3
Lancaster High: 76.7
Dodgeville High : 75.9
Platteville High: 75.6
Richland Center High: 66.7

Cuba City High: 83.7
Darlington High: 77.2
Boscobel High: 76.6
Mineral Point High: 74.3
Fennimore High: 73.2
Riverdale High: 70.8
Iowa–Grant High: 68.1
Southwestern High: 64.9

Argyle High: 76.1
Pecatonica High: 73.9
River Ridge Middle/High: 73.1
Cassville High: 72.4
Monticello High: 70.9
Potosi High: 69.8
Belmont High: 69.4
Barneveld High: 68.2
Albany High: 67.2
Shullsburg High: 65.9

Middle school grades

Platteville Middle: 79
Dodgeville Middle: 77.3
River Valley Middle: 77
Bluff View Middle, Prairie du Chien: 74.5
Bluff View Junior High, Prairie du Chien: 71.4
Richland Middle: 70.3
Lancaster Middle: 68.9

Mineral Point Middle    70.3
Boscobel Junior High    68.6
Riverdale Middle    65.1

Highland Middle: 74.3
Shullsburg Junior High: 72.8
Potosi Middle: 72.6
Black Hawk Middle: 71.3
Monticello Middle: 70.8

Elementary school grades

River Valley Elementary Studio: 78.5
Plain Elementary, River Valley: 78.2
Ridgeway Elementary, Dodgeville: 78
Arena Elementary, River Valley: 75.5
Westview Elementary, Platteville: 74.8
Bluff View Elementary, Prairie du Chien: 74.6
Jefferson Elementary, Richland: 73.9
Mineral Point Elementary: 72.5
Dodgeville Elementary: 70.8
Winskill Elementary, Lancaster: 70.2
Spring Green Elementary, River Valley: 68.5
Doudna Elementary, Richland: 67.8

Darlington Elementary/Middle: 78.6
Fennimore Elementary: 75.5
Mineral Point Elementary: 72.5
Iowa–Grant Elementary/Middle: 72.3
Cuba City Elementary: 71.8
Boscobel Elementary: 68.5
Southwestern Elementary: 64.9
Riverdale Elementary: 64.1

Black Hawk Elementary: 84
Highland Elementary: 79.3
Pecatonica Elementary: 76.4
River Ridge Upper Elementary: 75.6
Barneveld Elementary: 73.9
Shullsburg Elementary: 73.5
Belmont Elementary: 73.4
Cassville Elementary: 72.8
Albany Elementary: 72.1
Argyle Elementary: 72
River Ridge Elementary: 70.6
Potosi Elementary: 68.4
Monticello Elementary: 65.7

State school average: 70.9
State school median: 71.5

SOURCE: Department of Public Instruction