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Signage for auditorium discussed
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Board members on the Darlington School Board discussed on where to put a sign for the high school auditorium and what it would look like. The school board approved having the auditorium named Leona M. Havens Theatre in May 2016. The Pop Factory Players said they would be donating the signage for the theatre. They came to the board asking if they would like a sign to be inside the building or outside.
School board president Aaron Wolfe commented that the board had talked about at one time possibly improving the high schools signage on the outside wall near the entrance to the auditorium. He asked if the board should just go ahead with the auditorium signage and not worry about the school or possibly do both in the future.
Some board members stated that they didn’t even know the school had verbiage on the outside of the school. District Administrator Denise Wellnitz had stated they are silver block letters that say “Darlington Community High School” and against the brick of the school they do not stand out very well.
The Pop Factory Players did receive a price quote for signage for inside and outside. Wolfe felt ideally it would be nice to have a sign similar to what the middle school has currently: out on the curb, but stated that can be done at any time.
Kris Buschor, Darlington High School secretary showed the board a picture of what the Pop Factory Players came up with for an outside sign. Both Joe Schilling and Nick Zuberbuhler agreed that sign could be placed on the outside first then the school could worry about their own signage and get more ideas later.
Buschor stated that the school could even put something behind the letters to make them show better. The suggested outside auditorium sign would be 2 ft x 16 ft and would only last for 15 years. It would be placed under the schools signage outside. Board member Matt Wilson felt both signs should be done at the same time so the new sign would not overshadow the schools sign.
The inside sign choice would be a wooden mahogany board with theatre masks on either ends encompassing the verbiage and would be 1 ft x 12 ft. Buschor wasn’t sure where the inside sign would go: above the sign for the donated seats or huge inside the auditorium, but it would last forever.
Schilling asked about if it could be hung above the stage. Steve Fitzsimons commented that they did ask but there is no room and would do something with the lighting.
Wolfe asked if there was any motion or decision on the signs or if this discussion would be more appropriate for the Building and Grounds committee. Bob Hermanson stated that the committee, Lee Black and the administration could come up with something to do with the letters.
Teresa Siegenthaler wanted to be able to keep the letters but also not have the auditorium signage be larger to overpower the high school sign. Fitzsimons said whatever looks good for the school and the auditorium would be fine with them.
The discussion was moved to Building and Grounds.
The Darlington School Board also accepted and/or approved:
-a donation from The Safari Club International of $1,000 to the school’s archery program.
-The Touchdown Club’s donation of $177 to repair a portaphone.
-The Parents Music Club’s donation of $176.70 toward the meal for the band members that attended the State Football game.
-a donation from The Touchdown Club of $288 toward the meal for the football players that attended the State Football game.
-Anna Rose as a volunteer as a DHS girls basketball coach.
-Molly Rice as a volunteer as a DHS girls basketball coach.