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Track and Field records being sold
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At the Darlington School Board meeting on Monday, Dec. 5, the school board members discussed selling the track and field records on the current board. The records will be sold to the individuals and/or family members of those record holders for $50. The funds will be used to offset the new replacement board.
Pat Reichling explained he is getting designs and bids for a new record board and retired record board. The design he showed the board members was roughly about $1200. It will have stickers that can be removed and replaced if someone breaks an event record. The company can print off a new sticker for $15. The board approved the selling of the track and field records.
School board president Aaron Wolfe commented that the school has not been overwhelmed with applicants for the STEP program, which allows senior citizens to come into the school and help out teacher and classrooms for some tax incentives. Some applicants do not meet the age limit of 65 so it was requested to drop the age to 62. Also, another applicant had the issue of not owning their home, since it was in a trust fund, but they do pay taxes on the home and their name is on the tax bill. Wolfe also requested to change the wording to state that as long as the applicants name is on the tax bill, it will satisfy the requirements. Both the age decrease and verbiage were approved.
The Building and Grounds committee met last week to go over the bids for the DHS roof. None of the bids received satisfied the Prevailing Wage law. The law goes away Jan. 1, 2017 so in order to satisfy the requirements, it was the recommendation of the Building and Grounds committee to void the current RFP and reissue a new RFP on January 1, which will allow the school to receive bids that do not satisfy the Prevailing Wage law.
The Darlington School Board also accepted/approved:
-the request from Pat Reichling to resign as Weight Room Supervisor. He stated that not many students that aren’t in sports use the weight room during this time of year. Activities Director Kurt Cohen stated that they might reexamine this to having the head coaches rotate weeks and take turns watching the weight room.
-a donation of two X-ray readers to be used as light tables for the DHS Art Department from Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County.
-The American Heart Association’s donation of a hands free CPR kit, valued at $750.00.