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UWP begins Women in STEM community
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UW–Platteville’s College of Engineering, Mathematics and Science has established a Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Living and Learning community.

Cassie Roach, a freshman majoring in mathematics for secondary education from De Soto, is enjoying her experience in the WiSTEM LLC.

“I got interested in the WiSTEM LLC when I was a senior in high school,” said Roach. “They basically guarantee that everyone you live with in the wing is going to have at least one class with you because you are all in the same general area of study. I figured it would be a good experience considering all the opportunities they had to offer.”

Roach is also on the Pioneers softball team, and would someday like to coach as well as teach physics and mathematics to high school students.

“The WiSTEM LLC is an incredible support system,” said Roach. If she has trouble with homework, she can find at least one person in the wing who is currently taking the same course or had taken it in the previous semester, who can assist her.

The purpose of the UW-Platteville WiSTEM LLC is to provide a stimulating living learning environment and support network for freshmen, sophomores and transfer students who have a shared interest in STEM.

“There are extra advantages such as a free math tutor who is available to the entire wing, and tutors at Wilgus Hall specifically for our WiSTEM group,” said Roach.

In order to be eligible to live in the WiSTEM LLC, the decided major must be one of the following programs: agriculture education, animal science, biology, broad field science, chemistry, civil engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, general engineering, general science, industrial engineering, industrial technology, mechanical engineering, microsystems and nanotechnology engineering, ornamental horticulture, soil and crop science, sustainable renewable energy systems, technology education, engineering physics and environmental, or reclamation, environment and conservation.