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Gift of handmade quilt apprichated
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As many may recall, the Crawford County Independent played local host to receiving donations to send to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a couple of months ago for flood relief. During that time, we received many generous donations of clothing, food and more than a few handmade quilts. We are happy to report that everything made it to our friends in the south safely via a jumbo U-Haul truck, driven by Robin Transo.

Recently, Rosemary Helgerson, a participant in the Mt. Sterling and Utica Church sewing circle received a letter from one of the recipients of the handmade quilts.

Bruce and Pam Simmons of Greenwell Springs, Louisiana were the recipients of the quilt and responded with a thank you note that read as follows:

Quilting Ladies,

Thank you for the beautiful blanket you made. My husband is Bruce Simmons, he was one of the policemen shot in Baton Rouge, LA on July 17. He had three surgeries on his shattered arm and is in constant pain. He covers up with the blanket and it is very comforting. Please pray that he can go back to work one day. We also flooded four-and-a-half feet and lost everything. God Bless You!

-Bruce and Pam Simmons

Helgerson, has only been participating in the sewing circle for 15 years, but some of the ladies have been diligently sewing for upward of 50 years. This is the first time that anyone in the sewing circle can recall any word has been received from a recipient of a quilt.

“When we do these quilts and send them there its always a question in our minds of if the quilt gets there,” Helgerson said. “And, this is the first time we have received notice that it has been received.”

Helgerson spoke for the group when she told the Independent-Scout how overjoyed she was that someone received the quilt and is enjoying their handiwork.

Elaine Sime, one of the sewing circle members told Helgerson, “It just gives me goose pimples that someone would say thank you.”

After sharing the news with the church, many congregation members took down the Simmons’ address, so they will be able to send get well greetings.