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Brooks, Quinn move to protect two-year UW campuses, UW-Extension
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As the legislature continues to debate Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed cuts to the University of Wisconsin System, two Wisconsin legislators are working to lessen the impact of potential cuts on Wisconsin’s two-year campuses and the UW-Extension.

State Rep. Romaine Quinn (R-Rice Lake) has introduced a budget motion to exempt Wisconsin’s two- year campuses from potential cuts, while state Rep. Ed Brooks (R-Reedsburg) has introduced a similar motion for the UW Extension.

“Wisconsin’s two year campuses, like UW-Barron County in my district or UW-Richland in Rep. Brooks’s district, provide a cost-effective, local educational option,” said Quinn. “These campuses already operate at a highly efficient level, and do not have the tools to absorb budgetary changes like our four- year campuses do; their funding levels should remain steady.”

“Like our two year campuses, the UW-Extension efficiently provides valuable educational services to our rural communities,” added Brooks, whose district includes Greenwood township. “My budget motion would ensure that their funding level would not drop in the next biennium.”

The two budget motions blaze new ground by specifying how cuts would be applied to the UW System, a role traditionally left to the UW Regents. Both representatives stated that they believe the change to be necessary.

“As legislators, it is our responsibility to craft a budget where our intentions are clear and specific,” said Brooks. “I believe that both of these motions add needed detail and clarity to the process.”