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Winter extends into spring
4-26 snowman
Danielle Toney Munz contributed this photo of a snowman built in mid-April by her husband Mike Munz and their son Cole.

Cold, wintry weather extended into nearly the full first one-third of spring this year in southwest Wisconsin. 

On Friday, April 13, loud thunder preceded a major hailstorm that caused considerable damage to vehicles and property. In fact, Sheila Troxel of Wallace, Cooper and Elliot Insurance Agency states that it’s the worst amount of hail damage she’s ever seen in her 40 years in the business. Warnings are being issued to citizens to not fall for the many scams that are being attempted, such as for roof repairs. People are urged to not sign any contracts for repairs until they check with insurance claims adjusters and until they can check references of the repair companies.

On Wednesday, April 18, a significant blizzard took place, making road travel extremely hazardous. Fortunately, the following days brought sunshine and dry conditions, with the snow melting quickly