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BAS school referenda needed
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March 20, 2016

Boscobel, Wis.


The Boscobel School Board in conjunction with HSR Architects and Kraemer Brothers have been working hard to try to educate the public on what the referenda mean for our district. I personally have attended all of the referendum meetings and being someone who regularly attends events at the school and occasionally works there, I am fully aware of why the referenda are needed. I have seen some fresh faces at the latest meetings and I do find it encouraging that citizens are trying to make an informed decision regarding their vote. I will be the first to admit, I was furious last year when the first referendum failed, however now I feel it was a blessing in disguise as I think this is a much better, long term plan and solution.

The operational referendum is an absolute necessity. Our school will not have the funds to adequately function without it. The school board does not need to use the full amount every year if not necessary. Did you know that they can reduce that amount based on what the school needs, they just can’t exceed the 1.8million at any time. If, for example, we were to elect a governor who values education and chooses to put money in the state budget to aid schools, then the district could lower the amount of money it needs from the levee. Unfortunately at this time we don’t have that. That is why so many school districts are feeling the need to go to referendum in order to cover expanding costs. I choose to think that we have responsible people on the school board, that we have elected and put into place, that will not unnecessarily put an increased tax burden on us if not imperative.

Now, on to the school building: Yes, it is a lot. Do I have a fixed income, no. Do I live basically from paycheck to paycheck, sure. However, I would challenge every household in the district to look at what they spend their money on. Is there really nothing that you spend your money on that you can’t do without and could potentially put to the betterment of our community and school district? The cost to me will be about $50/month. So maybe I don’t eat out once a month and instead put that money to investing in the future of this school district, this community, and these amazing children.

I am running as a write-in candidate for the school board in Area 1. I think I can add value and I welcome the challenge. I am excited by the possibilities for our children and our school district, as well as our community with all of the changes going on. We should constantly be looking for ways to be better and to grow. In the end….we should be ensuring for our children and community that it is ALWAYS a GREAT day to be a BULLDOG!!


Wendi Stitzer