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Public school funding is not a partisan issue
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March 17, 2016

Reedsburg, Wis.


When we consider the issue of funding public schools, we need to be honest about what is really occurring. The fundamental driver behind the decisions to eviscerate our public schools is based on an ideology that most Wisconsinites do not subscribe to. The fact is that any short-term gains realized by cutting public education is also very short-sighted. Investing in public education will and always has yielded a tremendous long-term economic return in terms of job growth, economic stimulus, and equitable access to opportunity for all.

I believe that our interconnected global economy necessitates that we should put a renewed priority on our public education system. Wisconsin should not strive to lead the Midwest, or the nation — we should strive to offer the absolute best public education in the world, lest wise our economy and our children be left behind. To do this takes a vision that puts aside partisan ideologies and concerns about the next election cycle. This vision requires our representatives to put the best interests of our state and its citizens above their own political agendas.

Wisconsin is better than this, and we must demand that our representatives have the integrity to acknowledge that they are accountable to the people, not their party or an ideology that stands in opposition to the values of Wisconsin. These decisions have profound long-lasting implications and need to be based on facts, open debate, bipartisan cooperation and compromise.

Art Shrader, candidate

50th Assembly District