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Sharing the Harvest
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Nov. 18, 2015

Wauzeka, Wis.



God makes the meal,

Filled with love,

Sprinkled with his salt, to taste


The meat is in the oven,

And the sweets are to follow.


Hi invitation went out early,

Friends are on their way.


The table’s being set,

Not with fine white linen that are to be,

But today it’s very casual,

Only placemats are being used,

Laced in lovely white.


Who is excited the most?

The host, or the one at the door?


Entering in brings embracing, laughter,

And kisses on the neck,

And conversation begins.


All pitch in, for it’s a day with the savior

And his own, rejoicing together at the

Year’s end harvest of souls gathered

And sitting, with those that brought them in.


- William Shaw