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Boscobel runners look forward to Saturday's return to state
Boscobel girls taking off at cross country sectionals on Oct. 26.

By Tricia Hill

Saturday will be a big day for nine of Boscobel’s cross country runners as they head into their state meet. While most of the top runners have been to state, Mackenzie Kauffman will be tackling state for her first time as a freshman for Boscobel.

Even though this will be Kauffman’s first time at state, she stands firm on the fact that she has no worries going into Saturday’s meet.

“I’m ready and no concerns,” said Kauffman.

Something that will keep Kauffman at ease is having her teammate Keely Foley there to run with. This will be Foley’s second year at state and she has a personal goal for herself. When Foley attended state as a freshman she placed ninth, and she would like to be able to beat that this year.

“I want us to go out an race hard and complete our season,” Foley said.

When asked how the girls felt not having their team going to state with them, they were actually quite disappointed.

“Some people find it exciting just the two of us going, but it is not as exciting as going as a team,” Foley said.

These girls have came together before every race this season and set goals, gave support and pushed each other to their best potential.

“We would like to thank the team for all their support because they are part of the reason they are going to state,” Foley said.


For the guy runners, there is a combination of some that have competed their before, some that will be there for their first time and one that will be making a return for their final hurrah.

That is the case for Boscobel’s Logan Wacker, as he heads to Wisconsin Rapids state meet for his third consecutive year and his final. This season Wacker has had his best time of 17 minutes flat and has one goal in mind when running on Saturday.

“I want us to bring home a trophy,” Wacker said.

When Wacker graduates from high school and continues on to college, he does not see cross country in his future plans.

“College is going to just about the academics for me,” Wacker said.

So when he crosses that finish line on Saturday, it will be his final finish line crossed as a cross country runner.

Running up with Wacker on Saturday will be teammate Dakota Kauffman as he returns to state for his second year.  Kauffman’s best time this season was 15:57 and he is excited about returning to state in hopes of placing well and bringing home a trophy.

As the season is about ready to come to an end, Kauffman would have to say his favorite part of the season so far has been their victory at River Valley.

“It was an awesome feeling being able to beat Darlington,” Kauffman said.

Kauffman has one more year left of cross country before he graduates from Boscobel High School and he hopes to continue his success into next season.

The final runner that everyone will have to be watching out for at the state meet is Seth Laxton. Laxton will also be returning to state for his second year and hopes to beat his previous placing from last season. Laxton’s best time this season was 17:37 and in a sport that depends upon you going as fast as you can to place well Laxton hopes to beat his time.

As the Boscobel boys’ have the advantage of going as a team and having that support to push yourself, they feel confident in heading into their race.

“We are pretty confident in our team and don’t have many concerns going into state,” Wacker said.

Both the girls and boys’ teams have been a great support system for each other throughout the season and it will continue through to the state meet.

“Were always pushing each other to be better,” Wacker said.