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Rotan exhibiting through January
pic of artist

Sam Rotan is the featured artist exhibiting his work at Wisconsin Bank and Trust in Platteville in December and January.

Rotan was selected from the members of the Friends of Our Gallery.

Rotan spent more than 40 years working in sales and management, traveling around the country.  This did not allow much time for leisure or hobby pursuits. Although not having had any formal art education, for the past three years he has taken weekly lessons from local Galena artist Janet Checker.

Working in oils, primarily from photographs, he selects scenes or objects that interest him because of the way they hook his emotions and imagination. When the subject is of interest to him, personally, he is inspired to exert all of his ability to capture the essence of what the object or scene is about.

Rotan and his wife Elener reside in the Galena Territory.