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Charges filed in death of Fennimore graduate
Necedah woman held on one million dollar bond
Crystal Pharis
Crystal Pharis
Jason Dailey, a 2012 Fennimore graduate, was found dead of apparent blunt force trauma in his Necedah Home on Tuesday Nov. 12. His girlfriend, Crystal Pharis, was arrested for several charges in connection with his death.  She is currently in custody and is being held on a $1,000,000 cash bond.
According to the criminal complaint issued by the Juneau County Clerk of Courts, those charges include one count of First Degree Intentional Homicide, One Felony Count of Hiding a Corpse, with the modifier: repeater, Neglect of a Child (harm did not occur and child under six years or disability) with the modifier: repeater, and four counts of felony bail jumping, repeater.
If convicted of the Intentional homicide charge, Pharis will face life in prison.
According to the criminal complaint, the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office was requested to do a welfare check on Dailey after he didn’t come to work for two days.
Deputy Michael Sickinger arrived at the residence in Necedah that Dailey shared with his girlfriend, Crystal Pharis on the morning of Nov. 12.
 Pharis told the Deputy that she did not know where Dailey was, advising that he left the residence two days prior, taking some cash and leaving his wallet and both of the vehicles behind.
Just over twenty minutes later Sickinger returned to the residence, and this time was greeted by a male party who let the deputy inside.  According to the criminal complaint, the deputy found Pharis unresponsive with a two month old child lying underneath her, appearing lethargic and in need of medical   attention. Sickinger reported observing a bag of various pills and medication lying next to Pharis and the baby. Both Pharis and the baby were transported to the hospital by ambulance. Subsequent toxicology tests for the baby were negative for drugs.
While checking the residence for more information regarding Dailey’s disappearance, Detective Benjamin Goehring found Dailey deceased in the master bedroom.
The criminal complaint describes Dailey being found covered by blankets on the floor next to the bed. Goehring noted in the criminal complaint that Dailey appeared to have a large laceration over his right ear and injuries to his head and face. Once the detective began removing the blankets he also noted an “odor of decomposition” by the body.
The deputies and detectives reported exiting the residence and securing it as a crime scene following the discovery of Dailey.
Later in the day, Detective Shaun Goyette returned with a search warrant and continued the search of the residence. According to the criminal complaint, blood splatter was found throughout the room. Upon initial observation of the scene it appeared that Dailey suffered extensive trauma to the head, resulting in a large amount of blood loss.
The autopsy completed the next day found the preliminary cause of death to be blunt force trauma, with no other competing causes of death.
An interview with the man who opened the door for Deputy Sickinger described Pharis as being “moody and angry with violent tendencies.” The man went on to state that he observed Pharis physically assault Dailey and that “Pharis had become convinced that Dailey was cheating on her and this was causing her to be angry and irrational.”

Pharis is due in court for her Initial Appearance on Dec. 4 at  9 a.m. in Juneau County.