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Belmont man charged for 2013 hit and run accident
rory buss
Rory Buss, of Belmont, has been charged with two felonies in relation to a hit and run accident he was involved with in 2013.

Rory Buss, 33, of Belmont, was recently charged with two felony counts stemming from a hit and run accident involving an Amish buggy, that authorities say Buss was at fault for while under the influence of alcohol, back in August of 2013.
    Buss has been charged with one count of hit and run-causing great bodily harm and one count of injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle and will appear in Lafayette County Circuit Court for an initial appearance on Monday, Dec. 22.
    The first charge is a Class E felony, which has a penalty of a fine up to the amount of $50,000 and/or imprisonment up to 15 years if convicted, while the second charge is a Class F felony and has a penalty of a fine up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 12 years if convicted.
    According to the criminal complaint, on Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013, Buss was driving a Chevy Tahoe westbound on Truman Rd. in the town of Kendall, when he allegedly struck an Amish buggy, also traveling westbound, from behind and then left the scene.
    The buggy had two passengers, Aaron Lapp of Belmont and Barbara Miller of Darlington, both of whom were thrown from the vehicle, with Miller landing in the roadway and being seriously injured.  Miller was first transported to Southwest Health Center by Belmont Ambulance and then later transferred to UW Hospital in Madison via Med-Flight.
    Lapp, who had been operating the buggy, told authorities on scene that the buggy had been struck by a white SUV, which continued westbound on Truman Rd. after the collision.

The criminal complaint also outlined that a woman, who arrived on scene after authorities, questioned if a white SUV had been involved with the accident and told authorities that a friend of hers driving that type of vehicle had left a residence on Truman Rd. earlier. Eventually Buss was identified as a suspect and authorities began to seek him out.

A white Chevy Tahoe was later observed by a Darlington police officer, exiting a car wash in Darlington, according to the criminal complaint. The officer stopped the vehicle and detained the vehicle’s operator, who was identified as Buss, for questioning. After an initial questioning and a field sobriety test, Buss was arrested for OWI.

According to Lafayette County Sheriff, Scott Pedley, charges for this case have only recently been filed, due to a lengthy wait for the victim’s medical records.