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Becky Lewis Memorial Concert July 27
Concert honors PMS, PHS teacher who died in 2003
Becky Lewis Band
Becky Lewis (center) directed the Platteville Middle School and Platteville High School bands until her death in 2003.

The second Becky Lewis Memorial Concert will be held in the Platteville High School auditorium Saturday, July 27 at 7 p.m.

The concert commemorates the life of Rebecca “Becky” Lewis, who was the band director at Platteville Middle School and Platteville High School until her death in a car crash in 2003.

“After she passed away students, friends, and musical colleagues got together to hold a beautiful concert tribute to this wonderful woman,” said Lancaster Middle School band director Ashley Miller. “Now we’re getting together again to honor her and all she brought into the music community.”

The concert will feature “songs that mean something to students and friends who knew her,” said Miller. Conductors will include UW–Platteville Prof. G. Dan Fairchild, Platteville High School band director Nancy Fairchild, Miller, Lancaster Community Band Leader Monte Muller, and others. Members of the band will include some of Lewis’ former students, music colleagues, friends and family, and members of the Platteville City Band and Lancaster Community Band.

Admission is free with a donation option to the Platteville Music Boosters.

Anyone interested in playing at the concert should email with your instrument and address. Rehearsal for the concert will be in the PHS auditorium Saturday, July 27 from 1 to 4 p.m.