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Decision to hold Wisconsin River Trail Chicken BBQ benefit a ‘no-brainer’
Wisconsin River Trail
The Wisconsin River Trail Organization is in the process of building a bike trail that connects othe little communities of Boscobel, Woodman, and Wauzeka to the river that makes us whom we are. The entire project will be a 20-mile loop.

BOSCOBEL - Coming home.  I’ve done a lot of that this past month with my niece, Lisa Elliott Griswold, being so sick and sadly passing early last week.  She was an amazing soul who died with such dignity, who quietly and profoundly left such a huge mark on those of us so blessed to know and love her.  Her infectious smile is etched in my memory, and her kindness will spur me to carry on and live for Lisa.  I feel like any time I’m celebrating or I’m sad, it’s the people in my community that I want to be with.  It’s home I turn to.

When trying to decide whether or not to have the Rooster Andy’s Chicken BBQ at Kronshage Park this year, and finding out that all of our hometown events including the fireworks in Boscobel were canceled, it actually seemed like a no-brainer to all of us.  We voted unanimously “Yes.”

Our community needs something to celebrate, and, while we can’t all be together, our families and friends will find a way to enjoy each other’s company.  COVID can’t keep us down.  We are proud to come together to offer our great meal again for pick up or delivery on Friday, July 3.

Delivery (no extra charge) will be from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and pick up will be from 5-7.  The meal will consist of: Rooster Andy’s freshly grilled chicken BBQ, which you will smell being grilled out at the park all day long, wafting out into the community.  Add to that some delicious baked beans, potato salad, roll with butter, a drink, and a dessert!  All of this for just $11/meal.

Speaking of dessert, Boscobel’s A & W, Udder Brothers, and Dairy Queen are joining to offer coupons for ice cream treats. Add to this, some Wisconsin River Trail Organization (WRTO) Board members and volunteers pitched in to donate different mini tarts from Farmer’s Market supporter, Dawn Baker of Baker’s Bakery as well, and you’ve got yourself a scrumptious meal again.

If you’d like a meal, please send a note via Facebook to Denise Fisher, Tonia Vial, Jo Sommers, Joel Leonard, Wendi Stitzer, Patsy Pippin, Sue Connely, Robin Jones, or Charlie Calabria, or call or text Jo at 608-485-1546 or Denise at 507-269-2606.  It’s important to get a good solid count on meals, as we are ordering less this year for those that drive up without reserving a meal.  If you let us know ahead of time, we’ll “save” your meal for you and your family.  We also have tickets available at Community First Bank.

Donated meals

Another cool thing has happened during all this COVID mess.  When I spoke of others donating who are out of town this year, my family and work friends in Minnesota purchased about 30 meals for deserving folks within our area, and now others within the community are donating as well.  We have decided to send meals to the nursing home staff, hospital staff, and police staff that evening, and if you know of anyone deserving, please let me know and we’ll try to make sure they get a meal too.

It’s tough times like these that make me proud of where I came from and makes me proud of my family and friends for stepping up and offering meals to strangers in need.  My heart has been touched so much in the past few weeks, and I want to thank you all for your support.  We are in this together!

Trail update

As far as Phase 2A, the WRTO is waiting to hear if we were awarded the $1.6 million grant from the Department of Transportation and should know something by September hopefully.  This would get us from the south side of the railroad tracks on Borden Road, to Cozy Acres Mobile Home Park.  We do have plans set to widen the shoulder of Borden Road as well, but want to make sure our money is used to make Highway 133 safe first before working on the rest of Borden Road.

From there, I’ve been in contact with some bridge engineers.  I know it’s a huge feat, but still plan on moving the Lansing, Iowa, bridge down the river to cross the Wisconsin River between Woodman and Wauzeka. This is a solution to crossing the river (where no roads exist!) in the fastest way, as moving the bridge will be in 2024.  We have $2.4 million that the Wisconsin and Iowa DOTs would have to contribute before we would have to spend a dime to move that bridge.  Also, historic grants are out there by the dozens, and easier to attain. I cannot imagine the people that would not only come to see this bridge placed, but to come use the bridge once it’s in place.

As I lay my niece to rest, it renews my energy to dream big, because one never knows how long you have to leave a beautiful legacy for the people that matter most in your life.  I hope you join with me in support of our trail.  This is my Love for Lisa and this is how I’m going to Live for her as well.

Denise Fisher

WRTO Co-Director