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Roadrunner Road Rallye 2014 planned for May 2
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The 43rd annual Roadrunner Road Rallye is scheduled for May 2. UW-Richland students, staff and faculty are making their plans and alumni are welcome to join in the fun, as are family and friends of participants.

Three divisions are designated—for students, for alumni, and for faculty/staff. To be eligible for a particular division, either the driver or navigator must be a member of the designated group. Mixed teams are welcome; they simply need to select the division they wish to enter before starting the competition.

The route typically covers 50 – 75 miles of scenic roads in Richland and adjacent counties, providing participants an opportunity to enjoy southwest Wisconsin scenery as they follow clues and answer questions about landmarks along the route.

Organizers emphasize that the rallye is not a race, but rather a contest of ability to follow directions and answer questions. To earn the best possible score, the average speed should be about 25 – 30 miles per hour. At the finish line, a cookout is planned and ralliers can share tales of challenges they faced along the way.

Last year the 59.5-mile, two-hour-and-16-minute road trip ended at Cazenovia Memorial Park, assuming one had perfect time, perfect mileage and ended up in the right place. 85 people, members of 28 teams, participated.

Student division winners in the 2013 contest were the “Lunch Ladies” team, consisting of John Poole, Mike Schwichtenberg, a student from Wonewoc; from UW-Richland Food Service Laurie Allen, Richland Center, and Angie Arneson, Westby; students Stephanie Kopenhafer, Wonewoc, and Sarah Freese, Richland Center; and Dr. Amanuel Teweldemedhin.  Winning the faculty/staff division last year was the team led by Dr. Aharon Zorea, associate professor of history; Stephanie Kernik, UW-Richland mathematics instructor, and additional members of the Zorea family, Deb, Jonah and Jacob and Carol Sander. The 2013 winning alumni team, from the Blue River area, included Jeff Bakken, Cherith Dilley, Chase Dilley and Robin DeFabio.

Advance registration for the Roadrunner Road Rallye is not necessary. Activity begins with a participants meeting at 2:30 p.m. in the Student Center. Cars depart from the west parking lot at two-minute intervals beginning at 3 p.m. Plans are to announce winners and present trophies at a ceremony to be held at noon May 5 in the Student Center, when teams can also get their scores. Trophies are awarded to the driver and navigator in each of the three divisions.

For more information contact Karen Stoltz, UW-Richland student activities coordinator, by e-mail at or by calling the campus at (608) 647-6186, Extension 239.