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Blue River Village Board goes through needs
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Outlining the 2012 budget needs for different departments took up the majority of Monday's Blue River Village Board meeting.
Before that, however, Neil Roen retired last week as director of public works after 14 years of service.
In that capacity, Roen was in charge of water, sewer, streets, parks and snow plowing. Roen has also served as a part-time village police officer and as fire chief for the Blue River Joint Fire District.
Roen also served on the board of directors for Rural Water for seven years.
At Monday's meeting, sewer and water needs were first up.
Jamie Brownlee, chair of the sewer and water committee, reported that the 2012 sewer needs revolved around a Muffin Monster, a piece of equipment used to reduce wastewater solids.
The cost of the Muffin Monster would be approximately $15,000. Brownlee said the money for this would come out of the 125 savings account for equip-ment.
Other items include a blower for the aeration tank, mufflers for the sewer plant and a cross connection pre-venter.
Regarding the water budget, the plan is to replace six old hydrants, at a cost of about $4,000 per hydrant. The village wants to replace two a year.
In the community building report, Mary Hudson, who chairs the community building committee, informed the board that the village needs to put away $7,000 for the ceiling in the gym. Last year, the village received a bid of $21,000 for gym ceiling improvements. Also, Hudson talked about putting $7,000 away for the furnaces. They are 10 years old and Hudson said the village need to be prepared if they break down.
During the street and sidewalk report, Hudson, chair of that committee as well, detailed the need to put $40,000 into the Jay Street project and $5,000 into the sidewalk project. Hudson also talked about the need for new heat tape for the Civic Center roof to help with ice dams over the winter.
The board did not take action on any of the budget needs.
In another matter, the board passed a motion to approve an extension of a loan with Community First Bank for another five years for the Hwy. 133 water loan in the amount of $152,448.