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Boscobel Utilities proposes increase in electricity rates
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For the first time in six years, Boscobel Utilities has filed an application with state regulators at the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) to adjust electric rates.

The utility has proposed an overall increase in utility annual revenues of approximately $80,653, or 1.84 percent. Under the proposed rate structure, based on an average usage of 662 kilowatt-hours (kWh), a typical residential customer of the locally owned, not-for-profit utility would pay $1.97 more per month for electricity.

“We were pleased to able to delay for several years the need to change our rates,” said city of Boscobel Director of Public Works Mike Reynolds. “Now, the adjustment is needed to offset normal increases in operating and maintenance expenses and to continue providing reliable service.”

In order to properly recover the utility’s fixed costs for the poles, wires, transformers and meters that keep the local distribution system running reliably, the proposed new rates include an increase in the utility’s fixed monthly customer charges. For residential customers, the increase to the fixed monthly charge is $7; however, because other charges are being reduced, the net estimated impact for typical residential customers is less than $2 per month.

Reynolds noted that Boscobel Utilities’ rates would remain very competitive with those of neighboring utilities.
“For well over a century, our utility has provided customers safe, reliable, affordable power,” he said. “Our proposed rate updates will help ensure we can sustainably do so for the long term.”

The PSCW has not yet scheduled a public hearing on the utility’s rate proposal. More information about the Boscobel Utilities electric rate application is available at The PSCW’s assigned docket number for the current Boscobel Utilities rate application is 0650-ER-103.

Established in 1899, Boscobel Utilities provides electric service to 1,800 local homes and businesses. Visit