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Illegal sewer dumping continues
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The City of Fennimore Sanitary Sewer Utility is asking citizens to help identify possible illegal dumping of materials into the city’s sanitary sewer system.
According to Director of Public Works John Murphy, for the past five to six months, an unknown substance or substances have been showing up at the Fennimore Wastewater Treatment Plant which cause upsets at the plant.  The upsets may cause the City to be in violation of its operating permit with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
“Over the course of the past five to six months, we have been seeing the same situation take place, but it only seems to occur on weekends,” Murphy said.
The location of the possible illegal dumping in the sewer system and identification of the material being dumped stills remains undetermined.  The City feels certain that the chemical or chemicals that are being dumped are an ammonia-type substance.
“When this is occurring, it really sets us back,” Murphy said. “If the dumping continues, our city is going to suffer some long-term effects.”
The public is asked to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.
“We ask that citizens report any strong or unusual smells that may be in the area,” Murphy said. “Also be aware of anyone that is observed near manholes or any unusual connection to the public sanitary sewer system.”
If you observe suspicious activity, please contact the Fennimore Municipal Utilities at (608) 822-6119 or Fennimore Police Department at (608) 822-3215.
“If this continues to occur, it will bring trouble to the city,” Murphy said.