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Sometime morels come in clump
Morel Festival this weekend in Muscoda
IMG 4484
- photo by Wendell Smith

The minute Doug Piotrowski, of the Mt. Zion area in Crawford County, spotted this clump of morel mushrooms he knew he was seeing something special.

He dug it up during a rain and brought it to Muscoda to enter in the Morel Festival competition in the “most in a clump” category. Doug said he counted 40 of the fryer-size mushrooms in the clump and hidden among them were enough tiny mushrooms to raise the count up to 70. The clump was growing at the base of an old elm tree with numerous other morels in the area.

Tom Nondorf, local American Legion commander and mushroom buyer, was taking in morels at his home last week when the clump was registered. He started buying mushrooms there with the effort transferred to “Mushroom Headquarters” in the Kratochwill Memorial Building Friday afternoon.

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