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Where students can vote June 5
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The state Government Accountability Board has released a memo about where college students can vote in the gubernatorial recall election June 5.

“Under Wisconsin Statutes, an individual must reside in an election ward for at least 28 consecutive days and have no present intent to move,” said Nathaniel E. Robinson, the GAB’s Elections Division administrator. “A person does not lose residency for voting purposes by leaving an established residence for temporary purposes with an intent to return to the residence. Student status is not a consideration in determining residence for the purpose of establishing voter residency.”

College students who registered to vote from a campus address must vote from the campus address, whether or not they’re living there during the summer, according to the GAB. College students registered to vote from their home address can either vote from their home address, or register to vote from their campus address.

College students who graduated can vote from their campus address unless they have established 28 consecutive days of residency at their new address, according to the GAB.

The deadline for requesting an absentee ballot from a city, village or town clerk is Thursday, May 31. Voters mailing in absentee ballots must have them postmarked by Tuesday, June 5, and they must be received by Friday, June 8 by 4 p.m.
In-person absentee voting will take place until Friday, June 1 at the closing time for the city, village or town clerk’s office.

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