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Hello Hillsboro: Familiar face on Packers
jordy nelson
Jordy Nelson - photo by Contributed photo

Several years ago the lobby of the Elementary School featured a life-size cardboard cutout of the Packers’ talented wide receiver Jordy Nelson. I almost took a photo because of his incredible likeness to local twins, Mike and Mark Jirschele.

Like many of my thoughts, however, it ended up on the back burner and never made it to an issue of the Sentry Enterprise.

However, it now turns out that Nelson has more in common with the Jirschele brothers than I realized, after suffering a torn ACL in the Packers’ opening exhibition game of the season.

Sound familiar?

Both Mike and Mark suffered the same injury playing for the Tigers, although it was on a high school basketball court, rather than a professional football gridiron!

Hopefully, Nelson will recover as well and as quick as both Mike and Mark did.

If you have any doubt of the validity of this column, just “Google” Jordy Nelson on line and get ready to view startling photos that most certainly back it up.

WKBT TV Ch. 8, La Crosse, did a fine interview with him a few days ago, and it did nothing but solidify my discovery.

The next thing you know, Jordy Nelson  will be purchasing a lot on North Star Circle in  Tinkers Bluff!


There has been an awful lot of hustle and bustle, with plenty of hard work tossed in, at Firemen’s Park this past week.

It seems the last roar of tractors had barely passed into history, when the place was already receiving a face lift and getting into its Labor Day weekend outfit.

Unless you live close to the park, or have a fireman in the family, as we do on both counts, it’s tough to envision how much work and effort goes into staging something like the annual Labor Day Celebration.

It’s my guess that many of the helpers would almost rather be fighting a fire than putting that place into its normally sharp shape for its big event.

All the recent improvements have made the park even more of a showplace, and first-time visitors to our town must be very pleasantly surprised!

The park is now ready to welcome a four-day weekend of fun, food, and friendliness, fit for a major holiday.

Want to know an amazing fact? This is the 62nd time that the Firemen’s magic has returned to Hillsboro! And, along with everything else, they are definitely the main ones who put the labor into our Labor Day!