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Hello Hillsboro: Flying pigs bump goofy flamingoes
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As stupid as those silly pink flamingoes looked, most Hillsboro residents wouldn’t believe they  might actually fly south for the summer. When informed of that possibility,  folks simply replied, “Yea, when pigs fly!”

Turns out they were right. Shortly after our flock of flamingoes took off for Florida, they were replaced by flying pigs!
Aren’t you glad you live in Hillsboro?

Shortly after their arrival, the rather cute pigs applied to the local HOPE office for work, and that’s why you might see a trio of them on a neighbor’s front lawn, courtesy of the local Lions Club, with the usual letter seeking a donation to the charity that has been helping cancer victims for many years.

The friendly critters found their way to our lawn over the weekend and remained at their post throughout all the rain and cold weather. Their predecessors would have just taken the time off and returned when the sun shined again.

Of course, the three little pigs are used to poor conditions, considering all the bad history they have had with wolves knocking down their houses!

Needless to say, they deserve some extra incentive for staying on the job under rough circumstances. If you have them on your lawn, read the message they carry, give them a nice donation, and send them on their way to another post.

Not only will it lift their spirits, but it will help the HOPE folks in their continuing efforts to provide some needed funding and encouragement for our neighbors who are battling the over whelming enemy of cancer.


I stopped in at City Hall last week to renew Socks’ dog license and, in the process, learned some good news. Those permit tags for pets serve a special cause that most folks are not aware of. I wasn’t.

As Hillsboro Treasurer Lisa Johnson explained it to me, when you get the permit required by City Ordinance, your $10 fee actually carries with it an extra service.

The registration number is punched into a computer along with your name and phone number. Then, if, Heaven forbid, your beloved pet takes off from home and is found by a rescuer who brings it to City Hall, you can be located by a quick computer check of its permit tag.

Now, that’s what I call good service and a great idea. Of course, if your dog has identification info on a tag, all the better, but, if not, it’s owner can still be located by its city permit tag.

Unfortunately, police have to take collarless or unidentified pets to the Vernon County Animal Shelter in Viroqua. Trust me, they would much rather bring them to City Hall and be able to return them to a relieved owner.

Those of my generation will remember the wonderful Walt Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp.” Disney always stuck small but important lessons into his movies.

Remember how proud Lady was to show off her new collar and license? She was smart enough to understand it was an indication of how much she was loved by her owners.

At the end of the inspiring story, Tramp, the hero, not only becomes the father of her children, but also a loved member of the family, as illustrated by his new collar and license. There were a lot of truths added to the sub plots of those enchanting, old films!