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Keeping a clear head and spring perspective
THATCHER is loving on the willows which are a great indication that spring is on its way.

GAYS MILLS - The world is feeling rather weird and uncertain on St. Patrick’s Day around 4 p.m., but here we are. 

The world continues to turn and the sun is certainly shining brightly.  

Today, I tried to do a few things to keep my mind off of the whole, COVID-19 pandemic. 

I have a odd schedule during these very odd times, where I am working late in the day after Chasca gets home from work. I monitor my email and do what I can, but since I pulled my kids out of daycare that has been kind of limited. 

But, lucky for us, today was one of those days that remind you why the quote ‘hope springs eternal’ exists. 

I was awoken early by a eager Thatcher, delighted by the news that he would not be going to daycare, even though he was unsure of why. 

“WAKE UP! It’s mama day! You gotta get outta bed, start bop bop boppin’ like the red red robin! You want to go get your coffee!?” 

It felt weird to be peeling out of bed at 7 a.m. on a Tuesday only to shuffle to the coffee pot, but there I was. 

After a few cups and a quick check of the email, we decided to take a long, leisurely walk in the sunshine. We counted robins, listened to blue jays screaming, and kept an eye out for roaming trolls. We talked about how lucky we are to have fresh air to breathe and stuck out our tongues to taste it too for good measure. We threw rocks into the stream, we counted trees that fell down, and we looked at spots where bucks rubbed their horns and we felt the sunshine on our face. 

It was a good and refreshing reminder that although we are to be practicing social distance, we at least in Crawford County are distinctly lucky. The beauties of nature, fresh spring earth, clean air and warm sunshine surround us.  Our outside world is not in quarantine–at least for now. 

The other action of self care and care for my friends I indulged in was watching Andreas Transo’s St. Patrick’s Day Kickapoo Irish Concert on his family’s land and the Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers house concert. A few other musician friends I have are also hosting these types of live stream shows where people can kick in a couple of bucks in a virtual tip jar. Listening to the music was a bright ray and made shuffling around my kitchen preparing dinner for my family to eat in my absence (while I was at work) feel that much more normal. 

It’s tempting right now to glue yourselves to a screen for up-to-date information on the ever-changing situation, but, really, the info will still be there later when you check back. Take time to take care of yourself, take time to take care of your friends, and take time to take care of your kids.  

Look at the bright side of this, time to tackle that chore list you’ve been meaning to get to, read those books you’ve been wanting to finish, pour over your seed catalog and rake out your flower beds. Slow down and relax.

And when you do have to go out, for food, or those of us who still need to go to work, please be patient. I haven’t been to Wal-Mart myself in weeks, well before this whole thing went down, but I see the tales and update of peoples adventures out to there. 

It seems people need a reminder that, everyone is trying their best. Slow down, take a minute, and realize what you have and what you may not need. Shop local when you can and remember it will be okay and we will all get through this together. 

I wish I was full of more sage wisdom or full of humor in this strange time, but I know we all feel pretty lost. Many are facing an even more uncertain future than others, our kids are probably confused, some frightened, but, here we are. Feel how you need to feel and stay home as much as you can. 

It’s another day, we’re hanging in there–and hope springs eternal.