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Under the Bridge: Feb. 6
Under the Bridge

‘Under the Bridge’ is a collection of editor David Krier’s observations about news from the week, from near and far.

GROUNDHOG DAY has come and gone, and so has our 50-degree sunny Sunday, the 45thannual Kibber Pool Tourney, and a very exciting Super Bowl. Congratulations to former Packers assistant coach Andy Reid for his 222ndwin on 2-2-2020, something we’ll also never see again. Actually, the latter is called a Palindrome Day, meaning it’s the same backward or forward. The last one was 909 years ago and the next one won’t take place until 12/12/2121. Some people believe they have some sort of spiritual significance, and that probably includes Andy Reid and Kansas City Chiefs fans.

FOR THAT MATTER, I still can’t really put my head around the fact that it’s 2020 and that we’ve been holding that pool tournament for 45 years in the frozen boondocks of central Marinette County, about as far from Boscobel as you can get and still be in the state of Wisconsin, not to mention nostalgia. I shared naptime in kindergarten and bunk beds in college with some of these guys. That was before cell phones and the internet, a simpler time indeed. The first presidential election we were able to cast paper ballots in was between Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. It was a simpler time indeed, before apps or foreign hackers could jeopardize election results.

WHILE WINTER days creep along, years and even decades fly by, and despite what some furry rodent sees on the second day of February, here in Wisconsin we are all but guaranteed another six weeks of winter. This one has been a mild one, as opposed to the frigid Polar Vortex that had us in its grip a year ago about this time.