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Letters to The Platteville Journal for June 22
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Payment to whom?

I attended the Town of Kendall annual meeting April 19. During the meeting, the amount of money being spent on lawyer fees by the town board was presented. One of the amounts presented was $5,054.00 for lawyer fees against Ray McDonald. This is the amount spent in 2014 and 2015; no amount was shown for 2016. According to the copy of the tape of the annual meeting, Town Sup. Don Christianson issued a statement saying that the township had received a check from the township’s insurance company to offset the lawyer fees against Ray McDonald. It was also stated that no taxpayer dollars were spent for these lawyer fees. He asked Mary Leahy, board-appointed treasurer/clerk, to verify this, and Mary Leahy stated that was true, that the township received an insurance check for those fees.  

On April 20 I made an Open Records request for the documentation to support Mary and Don’s statements. On May 25 (five weeks after my initial request) I received documentation showing what the insurance company paid. The documentation I received was a copy of the Detail Loss Sheet. The Detail Loss Sheet showed all claims paid to the Town of Kendall for the last five years as of May 19. It showed no checks were issued to pay the lawyer fees against Ray McDonald. The Detail Loss Sheet showed checks were received by the Town of Kendall in 2014, in the amount of $2,068.00 for an Open Records violation. No other checks have been received for lawyer fees.

Theresa McCarthy


Blood needed

When you support Red Cross Blood Services you are also supporting important preparedness and response programs. The Red Cross is there through every imaginable crisis, from house fires and distribution of blood products, to mass flooding and major storms.

The Red Cross Wisconsin region responded to 828 disasters, helped 4,118 individuals, 11,000 military personnel and trained over 107,869 community members in health and safety. In addition, our blood products are available to over 50 hospitals in Wisconsin. The recipients could be our neighbors, family and friends.

The next blood drive will be held at the Platteville United Methodist Church July 11 from 1–6 p.m. and will be dedicated to the memory of longtime volunteer Harriet Gibbon. Please plan to join us! 

Barbara Browning
American Red Cross Coordinator 


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