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Platteville Journal Letters to the Editor for Sept. 5
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Praise for Mac

My mother sent me your July 25 issue. I read with interest the item on Dick McKichan receiving the Golf Coaches of Wisconsin Hall of Fame Induction.

Dick and I were high school classmates at Platteville. I commend him for his dedicated efforts in educating the area youth over the years, and extend my congratulations for receiving that great honor. I also commend the community for recognizing Dick’s contribution to their youth. I certainly remember the “equanimity” displayed by him in school.

Congratulations and best wishes, Dick.

Bob Wentz
Floresville, Texas

Good luck to teachers

For the first time in more years than I care to admit, I did not spend August in my classroom preparing for a new school year.

I will miss the students and parents of Westview Elementary School. It was a privilege to teach in Platteville for the past 28 years and I am grateful to have worked with wonderful children and supportive families.

I know that my colleagues at Westview prepared their classrooms and lessons for new classes of students. The “invisible” part of a teaching career includes the hours spent before and after the school day and the school year. I know firsthand the preparation required to create a welcoming school environment and to be ready to hit the ground running when the students walk in on that exciting first day of school.

Teaching over the past few years has become increasingly challenging, but I am proud to say that even when faced with a difficult statewide education climate, the teachers of Westview always maintained their professionalism and kept “their eyes on the prize,” caring for and educating the children entrusted to them.

I wish my former co-workers, the children and families of Westview and the entire Platteville School District a successful and fulfilling school year.

Denise Rostad
Houston, Minn.

A good deed

On Aug. 7 I was standing in line in Aldi’s waiting to be checked out. Ahead of me was a good looking young man unloading his groceries. When finished, he put the divider in place and looked at me with a little smile. I smiled back and said, “Thank you.” After that he began helping me unload. We exchanged a few remarks and then he was gone.

When I got to the checker I saw groceries that were not mine. Puzzled, I looked at the checker who had a big smile. She said, “That man paid for your groceries.” I was dumbfounded and looked toward the door, but he was gone. I couldn’t thank him.

The “kicker” to my story: it was my 96th birthday and a total stranger had given me a gift I will never forget and I am deeply grateful to the kind young gentleman.

Margaret Fiedler

Four parking points

Item 1: The Platteville residents who live near Rountree Commons have my sympathy. That residence hall was built in the wrong location and without adequate parking. What did the Common Council say about location options when they approved Rountree Commons? Construction is now starting on the next UWP residence hall. Funny, it’s being built where residence halls should be, on the UWP campus.

Item 2: Regarding the parking regulations around Rountree Commons, did Common Council President Mike Dalecki really say, “We have a Christmas tree map with 89 colors and exceptions to everything?” It was Dalecki and the rest of the Common Council who approved those regulations in January and they approved the amendments to those regulations since then. The Common Council is responsible for the “mess” that became the parking permit system.

What the Common Council perhaps doesn’t want the public to know is that they received and ignored information in July that would have eliminated the problems and created a workable system. If you would like to see that information, you can ask any one of the council members or the city manager for a copy of that July 18 three-page proposal.

Item 3: The next thing the Common Council is going to “fix” is downtown parking. I imagine it will be an action item on Sept. 11. I believe all downtown parking will become paid parking if the Common Council has its way. Their first step is eliminating a bunch of downtown parking so that their second step, selling downtown parking, is easier.

How paid parking improves anything, I don’t know. Downtown businesses, employees, customers and residents better think about what they want and do not want downtown Platteville to become. They better make their feelings known right now.

Item 4: I heard something some time ago. I heard that the Common Council is made up of seven members and that (1) there are three council members who control things and manipulate the others; (2) three are three council members who are being manipulated, but don’t realize it; and (3) there is perhaps one council member who knows what is happening, but can’t do much about it. I didn’t think much about it when I heard it, but now that I have attended four Common Council meetings, I think it might be true.

Richard J. Christensen
10 S. Third St., Platteville